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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E92-B No.11  (Publication Date:2009/11/01)
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Special Section on Satellite Communication Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of JC-SAT2008

pp.3289-3289  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hideyuki SHINONAGA  
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pp.3290-3299  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Recent Japanese R&D in Satellite Communications
Masahiro UMEHIRA  Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI  Yoshitsugu YASUI  Masato TANAKA  Ryutaro SUZUKI  Hideyuki SHINONAGA  Nobuyuki KAWAI  
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pp.3300-3308  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Recent Korean R&D in Satellite Communications
Ho-Jin LEE  Jae Moung KIM  Byung-Seub LEE  Han LEE  Jang-Soo RYOO  
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pp.3309-3317  PAPER
A Highly Efficient and Flexible Channel Allocation Scheme for Hyper Multi-Point Data Gathering Satellite Communication Systems
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pp.3318-3325  PAPER
A Prototype Modem for Hyper-Multipoint Data Gathering SATCOM Systems --- A Group Modem Applicable to Arbitrarily and Dynamically Assigned FDMA Signals ---
Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI  Fumihiro YAMASHITA  Jun-ichi ABE  Masazumi UEBA  
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pp.3326-3334  PAPER
Dynamic Load Balancing Method Based on Congestion Prediction for IP/LEO Satellite Networks
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pp.3335-3344  PAPER
TCP/IP Performance Evaluations Based on Elevation Angles for Mobile Communications Employing Stratospheric Platform
Marry KONG  Otabek YORKINOV  Shigeru SHIMAMOTO  
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pp.3345-3353  PAPER
Evaluation of Cooperative Diversity Techniques Using STC for Future S-DMB Services
Sooyoung KIM  Unhee PARK  Hee-Wook KIM  Do-Seob AHN  
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pp.3354-3364  PAPER
Development of an Interference Canceller in Satellite Communications Using a Multi-Level Modulation with Superposed Transmission
Shoko KURODA  Sho TANAKA  Shigeo NAOI  Yozo TAKEDA  Ryusuke MIYAMOTO  Takao HARA  Minoru OKADA  
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pp.3365-3374  PAPER
Frequency Asynchronous Cross-Polarization Interference Canceller for Variable Polarization Frequency Division Multiplexing (VPFDM)
Fumihiro YAMASHITA  Junichi ABE  Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI  Hiroshi KAZAMA  
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pp.3375-3383  PAPER
Realization of Simple Antenna System Using ETS-VIII Satellite for Land Vehicle Communications
BASARI  M. Fauzan E. PURNOMO  Kazuyuki SAITO  Masaharu TAKAHASHI  Koichi ITO  
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pp.3384-3388  LETTER
New Bits-to-Symbol Mapping for 32 APSK over Nonlinear Satellite Channels
Jaeyoon LEE  Dongweon YOON  Sang Kyu PARK  
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pp.3389-3393  LETTER
Optimum and Suboptimum Code Allocation for Peak Power Reduction in Down-Link MC CDMA
Kwonhue CHOI  Jiyu JIN  
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pp.3394-3396  LETTER
Antenna Beam Pattern Characteristics of HAPS User Terminal
Bon-Jun KU  Dae Sub OH  Nam KIM  Do-Seob AHN  
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pp.3397-3400  LETTER
DoA Estimation of Line of Sight Signal in Multipath Channel for GNSS Receiver
Sunwoo KIM  Byeong-Chan JO  Sanguk LEE  
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Regular Section

pp.3401-3409  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Multicast Routing and Wavelength Assignment with Shared Protection in Multi-Fiber WDM Mesh Networks: Optimal and Heuristic Solutions
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pp.3410-3421  PAPER-Network
Polling-Based High-Bit-Rate Packet Transfer in a Microcellular Network to Allow Fast Terminals
Phan Thanh HOA  Gaute LAMBERTSEN  Takahiko YAMADA  
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pp.3422-3431  PAPER-Network
Analysis and Experiments of Maximum Throughput in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks for VoIP Application
Masahiko INABA  Yoshihiro TSUCHIYA  Hiroo SEKIYA  Shiro SAKATA  Kengo YAGYU  
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pp.3432-3438  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Novel Interference Cancellation Approach for Interleaved OFDMA Uplink System
Ruiqin MIAO  Jun SUN  Lin GUI  Jian XIONG  
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pp.3439-3447  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Downlink Cooperative Wireless Spatial Multiplexing System
Andreas DARMAWAN  Hiroyuki MORIKAWA  
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pp.3448-3458  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Throughput and Packet Delay Analysis of the Intermittent DCF for Overlay Access Networks
Athanassios V. ADAMIS  Konstantinos N. MALIATSOS  Philip CONSTANTINOU  
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pp.3459-3469  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Novel Phase Rotation Scheme on the Constellations for the E-UTRA Uplink ACK/NACK Signals
Seigo NAKAO  Tomohumi TAKATA  Daichi IMAMURA  Katsuhiko HIRAMATSU  
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pp.3470-3477  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Joint Channel and Network Decoding for XOR-Based Relay in Multi-Access Channel
Suhua TANG  Jun CHENG  Chen SUN  Ryu MIURA  Sadao OBANA  
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pp.3478-3483  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Improvement of Mode Distribution in a Triangular Prism Reverberation Chamber by QRS Diffuser
Eugene RHEE  Joong-Geun RHEE  
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pp.3484-3486  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Incrementally Updatable Bloom Filter and Network Application
MyungKeun YOON  
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pp.3487-3490  LETTER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
A Synchronization Technique for OFDM-Based Full Duplex Relays with Frequency-Domain Feedback Interference Canceller
Hyun-Il YOO  Kyung-Soo WOO  Chang-Hwan PARK  Jaekwon KIM  Sungyoon JUNG  Yong-Soo CHO  
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pp.3491-3494  LETTER-Network
Performance Analysis of S-MAC Protocol with Hidden Terminals
Hao CHEN  
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pp.3495-3498  LETTER-Network
Interference Detection and Avoidance Method for In-Vehicle Mobile Relay Stations in IEEE 802.16j Network
Youn-Soo KIM  Hyung Seok KIM  
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pp.3499-3503  LETTER-Network
Optimal Buffer Management Scheme to Maximize the Message Delivery Rate in Delay Tolerant Networks
Yong LI  Depeng JIN  Li SU  Lieguang ZENG  
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pp.3504-3507  LETTER-Internet
Enhanced Predictive Handover for Fast Proxy Mobile IPv6
Seil JEON  Namhi KANG  Younghan KIM  
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pp.3508-3511  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Minimal Leakage Beamforming Algorithm Using Codebook for Multiuser MIMO Systems
Wen-gang LI  Ke-chu YI  Bin TIAN  
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pp.3512-3515  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Efficient Soft-Output Generation Method for Spatially Multiplexed MIMO Systems
Junghyun KIM  Youn-Ok PARK  Seungjae BAHNG  
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pp.3516-3519  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Performance Evaluation of Carrier Aggregation for Elastic Traffic in LTE-Advanced Systems
Lei LEI  Kan ZHENG  
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pp.3520-3523  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Modified p-Persistent Model for CSMA-Based Wireless Networks with Pseudo Capture Effect
Yao HUA  Zhisheng NIU  
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pp.3524-3527  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Simple Performance Approximation for Multi-Hop Decode-and-Forward Relaying over Rayleigh Fading Channels
Bao Quoc VO-NGUYEN  Hyung Yun KONG  
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pp.3528-3532  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Is a Multi-Hop Relay Scheme Gainful in an IEEE 802.22-Based Cognitive Radio System?
Jungchae SHIN  Dong-Kyu LEE  Ho-Shin CHO  
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pp.3533-3536  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Path Selection Technique Considering Time Difference of Arrival in Two-Hop Relay Systems
Kyung-Soo WOO  Chang-Hwan PARK  Hyun-Il YOO  Jaekwon KIM  Seung-Hee HAN  Yong-Soo CHO  
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pp.3537-3540  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Throughput Enhancement under a Finite Buffer Capacity in OFDMA System
Soonchul PARK  Sungho HWANG  Ho-Shin CHO  
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pp.3541-3545  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Power Allocation for Amplify-and-Forward Opportunistic Relaying Systems
Hui HUI  Shihua ZHU  Gangming LV  
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pp.3546-3549  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Simple Adaptive Switching Scheme between STBC-OFDM and SFBC-OFDM Systems
Keonkook LEE  Youngok KIM  Joonhyuk KANG  
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pp.3550-3553  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
SAR Reduction of PIFA with EBG Structures for Mobile Applications
Sangil KWAK  Dong-Uk SIM  Jong Hwa KWON  Je Hoon YUN  
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pp.3554-3556  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
An LTE-Band Dual-Antenna Design with an Enhanced Antenna Efficiency
Jinyong KIM  Kyungho CHUNG  Yochuol HO  Moonil KIM  
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pp.3557-3563  LETTER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Analysis and Design of Wide-Band Digital Transmission in an Electrostatic-Coupling Intra-Body Communication System
Yuhwai TSENG  Chauchin SU  Chien-Nan Jimmy LIU  
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pp.3564-3567  LETTER-Broadcast Systems
Performance Comparison between Two- and Three-Phase Coded Bi-directional Relaying Protocols
Jung-Bin KIM  Dongwoo KIM  
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