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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E91-B No.9  (Publication Date:2008/09/01)
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IEICE/IEEE Joint Special Section on Autonomous Decentralized Systems Theories and Application Deployments

pp.2779-2779  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Isao KAJI  
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pp.2782-2787  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Environment of Intellect: Considerations for the Future
Yoshinobu TONOMURA  
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pp.2788-2794  PAPER-Wireless Sensor Networks
APC-MAC/TA: Adaptive Power Controlled MAC Protocol with Traffic Awareness for Wireless Sensor Networks
Seok WOO  Kiseon KIM  
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pp.2795-2805  PAPER-Wireless Sensor Networks
Adaptive Routing Protocol with Energy Efficiency and Event Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
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pp.2806-2817  PAPER-Ad Hoc Networks
A Hybrid Greedy Routing with Location Information for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Hiroshi NAKAGAWA  Kazuyuki NAKAMARU  Tomoyuki OHTA  Yoshiaki KAKUDA  
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pp.2818-2827  PAPER-Ad Hoc Networks
Maximizing the Effective Lifetime of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
M. Julius HOSSAIN  M. Ali Akber DEWAN  Oksam CHAE  
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pp.2828-2837  PAPER-Theories
Parameter Design for Diffusion-Type Autonomous Decentralized Flow Control
Chisa TAKANO  Keita SUGIYAMA  Masaki AIDA  
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pp.2838-2847  PAPER-Theories
A Single Backup-Table Rerouting Scheme for Fast Failure Protection in OSPF
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pp.2848-2855  PAPER-Theories
Adaptive Flocking of Robot Swarms: Algorithms and Properties
Geunho LEE  Nak Young CHONG  
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pp.2856-2863  PAPER-Applications
Cheating and Anti-Cheating in Gossip-Based Protocol: An Experimental Investigation
Xin XIAO  Yuanchun SHI  Yun TANG  Nan ZHANG  
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pp.2864-2872  PAPER-Applications
Reliable Cut-Through Forwarding for Inter-Vehicle Networks
Oyunchimeg SHAGDAR  Mehdad. N. SHIRAZI  Suhua TANG  Ryutaro SUZUKI  Sadao OBANA  
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pp.2873-2875  LETTER
Introduction to Blueweb: A Decentralized Scatternet Formation Algorithm for Bluetooth Ad Hoc Networks
Chih-Min YU  Chia-Chi HUANG  
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Regular Section

pp.2876-2882  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Sampling Rate Selection for Fractional Sampling in OFDM
Haruki NISHIMURA  Mamiko INAMORI  Yukitoshi SANADA  
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pp.2883-2888  PAPER-Devices/Circuits for Communications
A Transmitting and Receiving System Using a Basic One-Chip Microcomputer for Extremely Low Power Radio Communication
Shuhei SONODA  Hiroyuki ARAI  
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pp.2889-2896  PAPER-Switching for Communications
Maintaining Packet Order in Reservation-Based Shared-Memory Optical Packet Switch
Xiaoliang WANG  Xiaohong JIANG  Susumu HORIGUCHI  
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pp.2897-2906  PAPER-Network
Proactive Retransmission and Buffer Management for Layered Video Transmission over Wireless Channel
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pp.2907-2916  PAPER-Network
Accurate Sensor Position Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Neighborhood Relationship
Yong-Qian CHEN  Young-Kyoung KIM  Sang-Jo YOO  
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pp.2917-2924  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Unitary Space Vector Quantization Codebook Design for Precoding MIMO System
Ping WU  Lihua LI  Ping ZHANG  
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pp.2925-2932  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Channel Estimation Using Cyclic Delay Pilot for SC-MIMO Multiplexing
Takafumi FUJIMORI  Kazuki TAKEDA  Kazuyuki OZAKI  Akinori NAKAJIMA  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.2933-2939  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Performance of Superposition Coded Broadcast/Unicast Service Overlay System
Seokhyun YOON  Donghee KIM  
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pp.2940-2947  PAPER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Forward Interference Avoidance in Ad Hoc Communications Using Adaptive Array Antennas
Tomofumi SAKAGUCHI  Yukihiro KAMIYA  Takeo FUJII  Yasuo SUZUKI  
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pp.2948-2955  PAPER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Multiple Antenna Performance of Quarter-Wavelength Monopole Antennas for Card-Type Terminal
Yoshiki OKANO  Keizo CHO  
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pp.2956-2963  PAPER-Sensing
Highly Accurate Geometric Correction for NOAA AVHRR Data Considering Elevation Effect and Coastline Features
An Ngoc VAN  Mitsuru NAKAZAWA  Yoshimitsu AOKI  
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pp.2964-2971  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Examining Impact of Sequential Access for Nearest Neighbor Search in Wireless Data Broadcast
Myong-Soo LEE  SangKeun LEE  
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pp.2972-2979  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
An Efficient Agent Control Method for Time-Constrained Applications
Tran Nguyen TRUNG  Hideo KAMADA  Kazuhiko KINOSHITA  Nariyoshi YAMAI  Tetsuya TAKINE  Koso MURAKAMI  
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pp.2980-2982  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Video Traffic Modeling by Truncated GeoY/G/∞ Input Process with Gamma-Distributed Batches Y
Sang Hyuk KANG  Min Young CHUNG  Bara KIM  
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pp.2983-2986  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Iterative Decoding of SPC Outer Coded Concatenation Codes with Maximal Ratio Combining
Xiaogang CHEN  Hongwen YANG  
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pp.2987-2990  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A New Model for the Error Detection Delay of Finite Precision Binary Arithmetic Codes with a Forbidden Symbol
Yuye PANG  Jun SUN  Jia WANG  Peng WANG  
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pp.2991-2993  LETTER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Remote Control for ROADMs in IP-over-CWDM Networks
Osanori KOYAMA  Michio HASHIMOTO  Akira UENO  Yutaka KATSUYAMA  
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pp.2994-2997  LETTER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Performance Enhancement by Threshold Level Control of a Receiver in WDM-PON System with Manchester Coded Downstream and NRZ Upstream Re-Modulation
Bong Kyu KIM  Hwan Seok CHUNG  Sun Hyok CHANG  Sangjo PARK  
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pp.2998-2999  LETTER-Network
Fast Snoop Scheme for TCP Connections in Wired-Wireless Environments
SungIl LEE  SangHee LEE  JaeSung LIM  
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pp.3000-3003  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Enhancing the Performance of UWB-Based WPANs Using Cooperative PNC Relaying
Peng GONG  Peng XUE  Duk Kyung KIM  
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pp.3004-3008  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Efficient Blind Estimation of MC-CDMA Carrier Frequency Offset
Ann-Chen CHANG  Chun HSU  Ing-Jiunn SU  
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pp.3009-3012  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Joint Generalized Antenna Combination and Symbol Detection Based on Minimum Bit Error Rate: A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
Hoang-Yang LU  Wen-Hsien FANG  Kyar-Chan HUANG  
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pp.3013-3016  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Improved Decision-Feedback Detection Schemes for STBC over Time-Selective Fading Channels
Cheolkyu SHIN  Hyounkuk KIM  Hyuncheol PARK  
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pp.3017-3020  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Codebook Based Space Division Multiple Access with Partial Side Information
Myoung-Won LEE  Cheol MUN  Dong-Hee KIM  Jong-Gwan YOOK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (130.9KB) >>Buy this Article | Errata[Uploaded on July 1,2009]

pp.3021-3024  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Transmission with Mixed Band-AMC and Diversity Modes for Multiuser OFDMA
Sung Bo SIM  Yun Hee KIM  Kwang Soon KIM  
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pp.3025-3029  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Composite Signaling Coded Cooperation for Fast and Slow Fading
Asaduzzaman  Hyung Yun KONG  
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pp.3030-3032  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
A Dynamic Anchor-Area Scheme Using a Timer Value and a Movement List for PCS Networks
In-Kap CHANG  Jung-Sik HONG  Ji-Pyo KIM  Chang-Hoon LIE  
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pp.3033-3036  LETTER-Satellite Communications
Joint Channel and Data Estimation Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Muhammad ZUBAIR  Muhammad A.S. CHOUDHRY  Aqdas NAVEED  Ijaz M. QURESHI  
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pp.3037-3040  LETTER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
Bandwidth Reallocation Strategy for Video Communications on NGN
Bin SONG  Hao QIN  Chunfang GUO  Linhua MA  
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pp.3041-3044  LETTER-Broadcast Systems
An EM-Based Time-Domain Channel Estimation Algorithm Using a priori Information
Feng YANG  Yu ZHANG  Jian SONG  Changyong PAN  Zhixing YANG  
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