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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E91-B No.8  (Publication Date:2008/08/01)
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Special Section on Next Generation Broadband Access Technologies

pp.2453-2453  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hiromi UEDA  
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pp.2454-2461  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Standardization Activities on Broadband Access Systems
Kenji NAKANISHI  Akihiro OTAKA  Yoichi MAEDA  
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pp.2462-2469  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Broadband Optical Access Technologies to Converge towards a Broadband Society in Europe
Jean-Pierre COUDREUSE  Sophie PAUTONNIER  Eric LAVILLONNIERE  Sylvain DIDIERJEAN  Benot HILT  Toshimichi KIDA  Kazuyoshi OSHIMA  
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pp.2470-2476  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Latest Trends in Home Networking Technologies
Akihiro TSUTSUI  
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pp.2477-2484  PAPER
Architecture and Design of IP Broadcasting System Using Passive Optical Network
Hiroki IKEDA  Jun SUGAWA  Yoshihiro ASHI  Kenichi SAKAMOTO  
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pp.2485-2493  PAPER
Development of Gigabit Ethernet Optical Switched Access Network System Using Optical Packet Switches
Takumi NOMURA  Hiromi UEDA  Takashi KURIYAMA  Toshinori TSUBOI  Hiroyuki KASAI  
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pp.2494-2500  PAPER
Optical Fiber Line Testing System Employing 1.65 µm Test Light Bypass Module for In-Service Monitoring of ADM Ring Networks
Yoshitaka ENOMOTO  Hisashi IZUMITA  Nobuo TOMITA  
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pp.2501-2508  PAPER
Platform for Load Balancing and Throughput Enhancement with Cognitive Radio
Seishi HANAOKA  Junji YAMAMOTO  Masashi YANO  
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pp.2509-2515  PAPER
Analysis of Phase Shift Tolerance in a Coherent OCDM System Using FBG Phase En/Decoders
Renichi MORITOMO  Tomoaki NAKAMURA  Yasuhiro KOTANI  Saeko OSHIBA  
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pp.2516-2524  PAPER
A Novel Design of Reconfigurable Wavelength-Time Optical Codes to Enhance Security in Optical CDMA Networks
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pp.2525-2532  PAPER
Broadband Access Network Planning Optimization Considering Real Copper Cable Lengths
Bla PETERNEL  Andrej KOS  
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Regular Section

pp.2533-2544  PAPER-Network
Theoretical Analysis of Route Expected Transmission Count in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Kazuyuki MIYAKITA  Keisuke NAKANO  Masakazu SENGOKU  Shoji SHINODA  
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pp.2545-2558  PAPER-Network
Design and Performance Analysis of Multimedia Pre-Allocation WDMA MAC Protocol for Metro-WDMA Networks
Changho YUN  Kiseon KIM  
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pp.2559-2570  PAPER-Network
Maximal Independent Set Based Joint Transport and MAC Optimization for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Jeonghoon MO  Jaewook KWAK  
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pp.2571-2588  PAPER-Network
SPORT: An Algorithm for Divisible Load Scheduling with Result Collection on Heterogeneous Systems
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pp.2589-2601  PAPER-Network
Multi-Constrained QoS Geographic Routing for Heterogeneous Traffic in Sensor Networks
Md. Abdur RAZZAQUE  Muhammad Mahbub ALAM  Md. MAMUN-OR-RASHID  Choong Seon HONG  
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pp.2602-2609  PAPER-Network
Efficient ID-Based Threshold Random Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Tran Thanh DAI  Choong Seon HONG  
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pp.2610-2617  PAPER-Network
Hybrid Cluster Mesh Scheme for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
SungIl LEE  JaeSung LIM  
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pp.2618-2630  PAPER-Internet
Deployable Overlay Network for Defense against Distributed SYN Flood Attacks
Yuichi OHSITA  Shingo ATA  Masayuki MURATA  
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pp.2631-2639  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Power Control for Adaptive Rate Wireless Networks
Jui Teng WANG  
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pp.2640-2647  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Convergence Acceleration of Iterative Signal Detection for MIMO System with Belief Propagation
Satoshi GOUNAI  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  
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pp.2648-2656  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Modified Direct Insertion/Cancellation Method Based Sample Rate Conversion for Software Defined Radio
Anas Muhamad BOSTAMAM  Yukitoshi SANADA  Hideki MINAMI  
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pp.2657-2665  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
On the Performance of Multiple Relay Zero-Forcing Precoding Based on Limited Feedback
Erlin ZENG  Shihua ZHU  Ming XU  Zhenjie FENG  
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pp.2666-2673  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Asynchronous MIMO STBC Adaptive Array Transmission Scheme for Multiuser over Fast Fading Channel
Supawan ANNANAB  Tomonori TOBITA  Tetsuki TANIGUCHI  Yoshio KARASAWA  
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pp.2674-2682  PAPER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Spectral Efficiency of Fundamental Cooperative Relaying in Interference-Limited Environments
Koji YAMAMOTO  Hirofumi MARUYAMA  Takashi SHIMIZU  Hidekazu MURATA  Susumu YOSHIDA  
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pp.2683-2691  PAPER-Sensing
Fast and Accurate 3-D Imaging Algorithm with Linear Array Antennas for UWB Pulse Radars
Shouhei KIDERA  Yusuke KANI  Takuya SAKAMOTO  Toru SATO  
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pp.2692-2701  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
Efficient Flexible Macroblock Ordering Technique
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pp.2702-2703  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Impersonation Attack on a Strong ID-Based Key Distribution
JungYeon HWANG  Jongin LIM  DongHoon LEE  
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pp.2704-2706  LETTER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Implementation and Experiments of Path Computation Element Based Backbone Network Architecture
Tomonori TAKEDA  Eiji OKI  Ichiro INOUE  Kohei SHIOMOTO  Kazuhiro FUJIHARA  Shin-Ichi KATO  
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pp.2707-2710  LETTER-Network
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for QoS in IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Networks
Jae-Han JEON  Jong-Tae LIM  
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pp.2711-2715  LETTER-Network
Analysis of the Energy-QoS Tradeoff for Contention-Based Wireless Sensor Networks with Synchronous Wakeup Patterns
Jun LUO  Ling-ge JIANG  Chen HE  
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pp.2716-2719  LETTER-Network
Cross-Layer Algorithms for QoS Enhancement in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Navrati SAXENA  Abhishek ROY  Jitae SHIN  
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pp.2720-2723  LETTER-Network
An Energy-Efficient Mobility-Supporting MAC Protocol for Mobile Sensor Networks
Sung-Chan CHOI  Jang-Won LEE  
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pp.2724-2727  LETTER-Network
The Cross-Entropy Method for Maximum Likelihood Location Estimation Based on IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Signals in Sensor Networks
Jung-Chieh CHEN  
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pp.2728-2730  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Complementing Security Breach of Authentication by Using Shared Authentication Information in Mobile WiMAX Networks
Youngwook KIM  Hyoung-Kyu LIM  Saewoong BAHK  
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pp.2731-2735  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
MIMO Broadcast Transmission Strategy over Fast Time-Varying Channels
Hongmei WANG  Xibin XU  Ming ZHAO  Weiling WU  Yan YAO  
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pp.2736-2739  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Regenerative Strategy for Fairness in Bi-directional Three-Node Relaying
Ning HU  Xiaofeng ZHONG  Ming ZHAO  Jing WANG  
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pp.2740-2743  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Packet QoS Aware AMC Selection for 3G LTE of Evolved Packet System
Kyungkoo JUN  
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pp.2744-2747  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Simple Detection Ordering in Successive Interference Cancellation for OFDM Systems in Doubly Selective Channels
Dongmin LIM  Jinhwan KOH  
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pp.2748-2751  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A New Frequency Partitioning and Allocation of Subcarriers for Fractional Frequency Reuse in Mobile Communication Systems
Seung Su HAN  Jongho PARK  Tae-Jin LEE  Hyun Gi AHN  Kyunghun JANG  
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pp.2752-2756  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Dynamic Channel Selection with Snooping for Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Myunghwan SEO  Joongsoo MA  
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pp.2757-2760  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Adaptive Chirp Beamforming for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation of Wideband Chirp Signals in Sensor Arrays
Jeong-Soo KIM  Byung-Woong CHOI  Eun-Hyon BAE  Kyun-Kyung LEE  
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pp.2761-2763  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation  Open Access Paper
Fabrication of Alternating-Phase Fed Single-Layer Slotted Waveguide Arrays Using Plastic Materials with Metal-Plating
Miao ZHANG  Jiro HIROKAWA  Makoto ANDO  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(852.4KB)

pp.2764-2767  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Using Conducting Wire at A-Sandwich Junctions to Improve the Transmission Performance of Radomes
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pp.2768-2771  LETTER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Shielding Effectiveness of a Collinear Unequal Paired-Narrow-Slot Array in Conducting Screens
Ki-Chai KIM  
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pp.2772-2775  LETTER-Broadcast Systems
BER Analysis of Dual-Hop Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relaying with Best Antenna Selection in Rayleigh Fading Channels
Jung-Bin KIM  Dongwoo KIM  
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