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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E91-B No.7  (Publication Date:2008/07/01)
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Special Section on Brain Communication

pp.2101-2101  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Kazuhiko SAGARA  
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pp.2102-2108  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Mechanisms of Human Sensorimotor-Learning and Their Implications for Brain Communication
Hiroshi IMAMIZU  
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pp.2109-2117  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Development of Mentalizing and Communication: From Viewpoint of Developmental Cybernetics and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
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pp.2118-2124  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Neural Prediction of Multidimensional Decisions in Monkey Superior Colliculus
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pp.2125-2132  PAPER
The Development of BCI Using Alpha Waves for Controlling the Robot Arm
Shinsuke INOUE  Yoko AKIYAMA  Yoshinobu IZUMI  Shigehiro NISHIJIMA  
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pp.2133-2141  PAPER
GO-STOP Control Using Optical Brain-Computer Interface during Calculation Task
Kei UTSUGI  Akiko OBATA  Hiroki SATO  Ryuta AOKI  Atsushi MAKI  Hideaki KOIZUMI  Kazuhiko SAGARA  Hiroaki KAWAMICHI  Hirokazu ATSUMORI  Takusige KATURA  
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pp.2142-2143  LETTER
Computational Model-Based Prediction of Human Episodic Memory Performance Based on Eye Movements
Naoyuki SATO  Yoko YAMAGUCHI  
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Joint Special Section on Opto-electronics and Communications toward NGN and beyond

pp.2144-2144  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Minoru SHIKADA  
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pp.2145-2151  PAPER
FWM-Aware Dynamic Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks
Adelys MARSDEN  Akihiro MARUTA  Ken-ichi KITAYAMA  
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pp.2152-2159  PAPER
An Adaptive Loss-Aware Flow Control Scheme for Delay-Sensitive Applications in OBS Networks
Hongkyu JEONG  JungYul CHOI  Jeonghoon MO  Minho KANG  
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pp.2160-2164  PAPER
Wavelength Conversion Characteristics of SOA-MZI Based All-Optical NRZ-OOK/RZ-BPSK Modulation Format Converter
Suresh M. NISSANKA  Ken MISHINA  Akihiro MARUTA  Shunsuke MITANI  Kazuyuki ISHIDA  Katsuhiro SHIMIZU  Tatsuo HATTA  Ken-ichi KITAYAMA  
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pp.2165-2168  PAPER
Numerical Study of APSK Format for Long-Haul Transmission and Its Performance Improvement by Zero-Nulling Method
Hidenori TAGA  Jyun-Yi WU  Wei-Tong SHIH  Seng-Sheng SHU  
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pp.2169-2177  PAPER
Physical Configuration of the Next Generation Home Network
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Regular Section

pp.2178-2178  MESSAGE  Open Access Paper
IEICE Transaction on Communications: Editor's Message
Hiroyuki MORIKAWA  
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pp.2179-2186  INVITED SURVEY PAPER  Open Access Paper
History of Antenna Technology for Mobile Communications in Korea
Kyeong-Sik MIN  Chul-Keun PARK  Suk-Youb KANG  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(686.5KB)

pp.2187-2197  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Mapping for Iterative MMSE-SIC with Belief Propagation
Satoshi GOUNAI  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  Toshinobu KANEKO  
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pp.2198-2204  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Symbol Timing Synchronization Algorithms for Wireless LAN Systems in Multipath Channels
Jooyeol YANG  Kyungwhoon CHEUN  Jeongchang KIM  
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pp.2205-2213  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
A Low-Complexity Frequency Offset Insensitive Detection for 2.45 GHz LR-WPAN
Jung-Su HAN  Hyung-Jin CHOI  
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pp.2214-2223  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Frequency Interleaved Multicarrier CDMA Systems with Two Kinds of Spreading Codes
Cheolwoo YOU  Sooyong CHOI  
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pp.2224-2233  PAPER-Network
General Ripple Mobility Model: A Novel Mobility Model of Uniform Spatial Distribution and Diverse Average Speed
Chun-Hung CHEN  Ho-Ting WU  Kai-Wei KE  
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pp.2234-2243  PAPER-Network
Analysis of Divisible Load Scheduling with Result Collection on Heterogeneous Systems
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pp.2244-2254  PAPER-Network
Packet Size Based Routing for Stable Data Delivery in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Ashiq KHAN  Toshihiro SUZUKI  Motonari KOBAYASHI  Wataru TAKITA  Kenichi YAMAZAKI  
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pp.2255-2264  PAPER-Network
A New Security Architecture for Personal Networks and Its Performance Evaluation
SeongHan SHIN  Hanane FATHI  Kazukuni KOBARA  Neeli R. PRASAD  Hideki IMAI  
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pp.2265-2271  PAPER-Network
Enhancement of Beaconless Location-Based Routing with Signal Strength Assistance for Ad-Hoc Networks
Guowei CHEN  Kenichi ITOH  Takuro SATO  
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pp.2272-2278  PAPER-Network
A Distributed Network Mobility Management Scheme for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks
Keita KAWANO  Kazuhiko KINOSHITA  Nariyoshi YAMAI  
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pp.2279-2286  PAPER-Internet
Enhanced TCP Congestion Control Realizing Higher Throughput and Inter-Session Fairness in Multihop Wireless Networks
Takehito YAMAMOTO  Hideki TODE  Koso MURAKAMI  
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pp.2287-2298  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies  Open Access Paper
MIMO-OFDM Precoding Technique for Minimizing BER Upper Bound of MLD
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(699.4KB)

pp.2299-2309  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Orthogonal Pilot Channel Using Combination of FDMA and CDMA in Single-Carrier FDMA-Based Evolved UTRA Uplink
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pp.2310-2320  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
CQI Feedback Overhead Reduction for Multicarrier MIMO Transmission
Erlin ZENG  Shihua ZHU  Ming XU  
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pp.2321-2330  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Efficient Radio Resource Allocation Scheme for Minimum Outage Probability Using Cooperation in OFDMA Systems
Junwoo JUNG  Hyungwon PARK  Jae-Sung LIM  
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pp.2331-2337  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Nonlinear Distortion Compensation Method with Adaptive Predistorter and Negative Feed-Back for a Narrow-Band Signal
Yitao ZHANG  Osamu MUTA  Yoshihiko AKAIWA  
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pp.2338-2345  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Efficient Management of Multiple Piconets in an MC-CDMA-Based UWB System
Peng GONG  Peng XUE  Cheng Jie PIAO  Duk Kyung KIM  
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pp.2346-2356  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive MIMO-MLSE Blind Detection in Heterogeneous Stream Transmission for Mobile Radio Communications
Issei KANNO  Hiroshi SUZUKI  Kazuhiko FUKAWA  
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pp.2357-2365  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Frequency Spectrum Rotation in Interleaved Frequency Division Multiplexing
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pp.2366-2373  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
On Cellular MIMO Channel Capacity
Koichi ADACHI  Fumiyuki ADACHI  Masao NAKAGAWA  
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pp.2374-2379  PAPER-Sensing
Coherent Decomposition of Fully Polarimetric FM-CW Radar Data
Jun NAKAMURA  Kazuyasu AOYAMA  Muneyuki IKARASHI  Yoshio YAMAGUCHI  Hiroyoshi YAMADA  
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pp.2380-2392  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Fuzzy Controlled Individual Cell Equalizers for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Yuang-Shung LEE  Ming-Wang CHENG  Shun-Ching YANG  
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pp.2393-2396  LETTER-Network
Priority and Negotiation Based Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Scheme for Multiple Radio Access Network Operators
Hoon KIM  Taein HYON  Yeonwoo LEE  
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pp.2397-2400  LETTER-Network
On Throughput Improvement of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Hidden Nodes
Hong-Seok CHOI  Jong-Tae LIM  
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pp.2401-2404  LETTER-Network
Energy Efficient Online Routing Algorithm for QoS-Sensitive Sensor Networks
Sungwook KIM  Sungyong PARK  Sooyong PARK  Sungchun KIM  
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pp.2405-2408  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Multiple-Antenna Receiving and Frequency Domain Equalization in Transmitted-Reference UWB Systems
Xuewen LIAO  Shihua ZHU  Erlin ZENG  
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pp.2409-2412  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Channel Estimation Technique for MIMO-OFDM over Fast Fading Channels
Jin-Goog KIM  Jong-Tae LIM  
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pp.2413-2417  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Study on Improving the System Performance for Wireless Personal Area Networks
Bon-Wook KOO  Jee-Hoon KIM  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.2418-2421  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Bidirectional Gigabit Millimeter-Wave Wavelength Division Multiplexed-Radio over Fiber Link Using a Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Dae-Won LEE  Yong-Yuk WON  Sang-Kook HAN  
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pp.2422-2425  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Incremental Relaying, Fresh Signal Makes Better Decision
Luu Quoc TIN  Hyung Yun KONG  
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pp.2426-2430  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Channel Estimation Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in OFDM
M. Nuri SEYMAN   Necmi TAPINAR  
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pp.2431-2434  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A High-Rate Space-Time Block Code with Full Diversity
Zhenzhen GAO  Shihua ZHU  Zhimeng ZHONG  
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pp.2435-2438  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Integrated Power and Rate Control with Power Rationing for CDMA Wireless Networks
Jui Teng WANG  
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pp.2439-2442  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Joint Method of Cell Searching and DoA Estimation for a Mobile Relay Station with Beamforming Antennas
Yo-Han KO  Yong-Soo CHO  
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pp.2443-2446  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Adaptive MIMO-OFDM with Channel Prediction Scheme for Mobile Fading Channels
Hyundong KIM  Sangho CHOE  
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pp.2447-2450  LETTER-Optical Wireless Communications
Optical Phase Estimation in an Urban Wireless Communications Enviroment
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