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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E91-B No.5  (Publication Date:2008/05/01)
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Special Section on Communication Quality

pp.1259-1259  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Takeo ABE  
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pp.1260-1268  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Generalizable Methodology for Quantifying User Satisfaction
Te-Yuan HUANG  Kuan-Ta CHEN  Polly HUANG  Chin-Laung LEI  
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pp.1269-1278  PAPER-Subjective and Objective Assessments of Audio and Video Media Quality
Measuring Video Quality on Full Scalability of H.264/AVC Scalable Video Coding
Cheon Seog KIM  Sung Ho JIN  Dong Jun SEO  Yong Man RO  
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pp.1279-1286  PAPER-Subjective and Objective Assessments of Audio and Video Media Quality
Objective Quality Evaluation Method for Noise-Reduced Speech
Noritsugu EGI  Hitoshi AOKI  Akira TAKAHASHI  
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pp.1287-1294  PAPER-Subjective and Objective Assessments of Audio and Video Media Quality
Reduced-Reference Quality Assessment for JPEG-2000 Compressed Image
Ha-Joong PARK  Ho-Youl JUNG  
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pp.1295-1308  PAPER-Definition and Modeling of Application Level QoS
Design and Performance Evaluation of Contention Resolution Schemes with QoS Support for Multimedia Traffic in High Bit-Rate Wireless Communications
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pp.1309-1319  PAPER-Measurement Methodology for Network Quality Such as IP, TCP and Routing
Packet Sampling TCP Flow Rate Estimation and Performance Degradation Detection Method
Ryoichi KAWAHARA  Tatsuya MORI  Keisuke ISHIBASHI  Noriaki KAMIYAMA  Hideaki YOSHINO  
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pp.1320-1330  PAPER-Measurement Methodology for Network Quality Such as IP, TCP and Routing
IP Network Failure Identification Based on the Detailed Analysis of OSPF LSA Flooding
Yuichiro HEI  Tomohiko OGISHI  Shigehiro ANO  Toru HASEGAWA  
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pp.1331-1339  PAPER-Measurement Methodology for Network Quality Such as IP, TCP and Routing
Finding Cardinality Heavy-Hitters in Massive Traffic Data and Its Application to Anomaly Detection
Keisuke ISHIBASHI  Tatsuya MORI  Ryoichi KAWAHARA  Yutaka HIROKAWA  Atsushi KOBAYASHI  Kimihiro YAMAMOTO  Hitoaki SAKAMOTO  Shoichiro ASANO  
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pp.1340-1348  PAPER-QoS Control Mechanism and System
Proposal of Wireless Traffic Control Schemes for Wireless LANs
Takefumi HIRAGURI  Takeo ICHIKAWA  Masataka IIZUKA  Shuji KUBOTA  
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pp.1349-1359  PAPER-QoS Control Mechanism and System
Dynamic Hop Service Differentiation Model for End-to-End QoS Provisioning in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Joo-Sang YOUN  Seung-Joon SEOK  Chul-Hee KANG  
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pp.1360-1369  PAPER-QoS Control Mechanism and System
Design of the Cross-Layer QoS Framework for the IEEE 802.16 PMP Networks
Yi-Ting MAI  Chun-Chuan YANG  Yu-Hsuan LIN  
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pp.1370-1374  LETTER-QoS Control Mechanism and System
An Efficient Shared Adaptive Packet Loss Concealment Scheme through 1-Port Gateway System for Internet Telephony Service
Jinsul KIM  Hyunwoo LEE  Won RYU  Byungsun LEE  Minsoo HAHN  
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Regular Section

pp.1375-1386  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Sub-Block Recovery Scheme for Iterative Decoding of Turbo Codes with the Sub-Block Structure
Chunlong BAI  Bartosz MIELCZAREK  Ivan J. FAIR  Witold A. KRZYMIE  
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pp.1387-1396  PAPER-Devices/Circuits for Communications
Variable Cutoff Frequency Pre-Modulation Filter for PCM/FM Transmission System
Sang-Rae LEE  Sung-Woong RA  
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pp.1397-1402  PAPER-Devices/Circuits for Communications
A New 1.25-Gb/s Burst Mode Clock and Data Recovery Circuit Using Two Digital Phase Aligners and a Phase Interpolator
Chang-Kyung SEONG  Seung-Woo LEE  Woo-Young CHOI  
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pp.1403-1415  PAPER-Network
Drouting Architecture: Improvement of Failure Avoidance Capability Using Multipath Routing
Yasuhiro OHARA  Hiroyuki KUSUMOTO  Osamu NAKAMURA  Jun MURAI  
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pp.1416-1422  PAPER-Network
Collision Arbitration Based on Different Slot Times for Slotted-Aloha RFID Systems
Young-Jun LEE  Dae-Ken KWON  Hyoung-Nam KIM  
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pp.1423-1435  PAPER-Network
TCP Context Switching Scheme to Enhance Throughput by Adapting Well to Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Woojin SEOK  Sang-Ha KIM  
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pp.1436-1445  PAPER-Network
Interference-Aware Multi-Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
Seongho CHO  Chong-kwon KIM  
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pp.1446-1453  PAPER-Network
A Routing Protocol with Stepwise Interest Retransmission for Wireless Sensor Networks
Masaki BANDAI  Takamasa MIOKI  Takashi WATANABE  
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pp.1454-1462  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Peak Power Reduction Method with Adaptive Inversion of Clustered Parity-Carriers in BCH-Coded OFDM Systems
Osamu MUTA  Yoshihiko AKAIWA  
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pp.1463-1471  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Seamless Handoff Scheme with Access Point Load Balance for Real-Time Services Support in 802.11 Wireless LANs
Thavisak MANODHAM  Luis LOYOLA  Tetsuya MIKI  
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pp.1472-1479  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Low-Complexity Code Acquisition Method in DS/CDMA Communication Systems: Application of the Maximum Likelihood Method to Propagation Delay Estimation
Nobuoki ESHIMA  Tohru KOHDA  
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pp.1480-1489  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Permissible Link Quality for RFID Anti-Collision in a Practical Environment
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pp.1490-1501  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
MIMO-OFDM Precoding Technique for Minimizing BER Upper Bound of MLD under Imperfect CSI
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pp.1502-1510  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Reduced-Complexity RBF-Assisted TEQ Using Extended FCM Algorithm for Dispersive Rayleigh-Fading Channels
Kun-Huang KUO  Jenn-Kaie LAIN  
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pp.1511-1520  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Performance Evaluation of Transmission Technique Utilizing Linear Combination Diversity in MIMO Spatial Multiplexing Systems
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pp.1521-1530  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Frequency-Domain Eigenbeam-SDM and Equalization for Single-Carrier Transmissions
Kazuyuki OZAKI  Akinori NAKAJIMA  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.1531-1539  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Frequency-Domain Iterative Parallel Interference Cancellation for Multicode Spread-Spectrum MIMO Multiplexing
Akinori NAKAJIMA  Deepshikha GARG  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.1540-1547  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Dirty Paper Coded Cooperation Utilizing Superposition Modulation
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pp.1548-1556  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Assignment Schemes for Transmit Antennas in MIMO Systems
Masoomeh TORABZADEH  Yusheng JI  
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pp.1557-1567  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Bisection Method-Based Controlling Scheme for Phased Array Antenna with Slow Switching Speed-Phase Shifters
Quoc Tuan TRAN  Shinsuke HARA  Atsushi HONDA  Yuuta NAKAYA  Ichirou IDA  Yasuyuki OISHI  
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pp.1568-1574  PAPER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Multi-Hop Link Capacity of Multi-Route Multi-Hop MRC Diversity for a Virtual Cellular Network
Imane DAOU  Eisuke KUDOH  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.1575-1580  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Experimental Study on MUSIC-Based DOA Estimation by Using Universal Steering Vector
Qiaowei YUAN  Qiang CHEN  Kunio SAWAYA  
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pp.1581-1588  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
A Simple Method to Stop an Adaptive Process for the Multistage Wiener Filter
Junichiro SUZUKI  Yoshikazu SHOJI  Hiroyoshi YAMADA  Yoshio YAMAGUCHI  Masahiro TANABE  
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pp.1589-1598  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
A Novel Pre-Processing Scheme to Enhance GNSS Signal Detection in the Presence of Blanking
Chung-Liang CHANG  Jyh-Ching JUANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (627.1KB) >>Buy this Article | Errata(Uploaded on June 1,2008)

pp.1599-1607  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
Image Resizing on the Integer DCT Domain Used in H.264/AVC
Hyungsuk OH  Wonha KIM  Jeong Geun KIM  
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pp.1608-1611  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A New TR-UWB Receiver Exploiting Frequency Components
Seonkeol WOO  Hoongee YANG  Sunghyun YANG  Youngsoo KIM  Jonggwan YOOK  Bongsoon KANG  
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pp.1612-1614  LETTER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Performance of Coded π/2 NS-8QAM Modulation
Changqing LIU  Yu ZHANG  Jian SONG  Changyong PAN  Zhixing YANG  
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pp.1615-1618  LETTER-Network
Adjusting the Aggregate Throughput of Parallel TCP Flows without Central Coordination
Yusung KIM  Kilnam CHON  Lisong XU  
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pp.1619-1622  LETTER-Network
A Novel Piggyback Selection Scheme in IEEE 802.11e HCCA
Hyun-Jin LEE  Jae-Hyun KIM  
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pp.1623-1626  LETTER-Network
A Token-Bucket Based Rate Control Algorithm with Maximum and Minimum Rate Constraints
Han Seok KIM  Eun-Chan PARK  Seo Weon HEO  
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pp.1627-1631  LETTER-Network
Channel Allocation Algorithms for Coexistence of LR-WPAN with WLAN
Sangjin HAN  Sungjin LEE  Sanghoon LEE  Yeonsoo KIM  
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pp.1632-1635  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
On Distorted Constellations of 16-Ary Modulation Schemes
Sangtae KIM  Wonjin SUNG  
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pp.1636-1639  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Multiuser Detection for Asynchronous Multicarrier CDMA Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Muhammad ZUBAIR  Muhammad A.S. CHOUDHRY  Aqdas NAVEED  Ijaz Mansoor QURESHI  
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pp.1640-1643  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Particle Swarm with Soft Decision for Multiuser Detection of Synchronous Multicarrier CDMA
Muhammad ZUBAIR  Muhammad A.S. CHOUDHRY  Aqdas NAVEED  Ijaz Mansoor QURESHI  
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pp.1644-1647  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Pilot Periodicity Based OFDM Signal Detection Method for Cognitive Radio System
Sung Hwan SOHN  Ning HAN  Guanbo ZHENG  Jae Moung KIM  
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pp.1648-1652  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Measurement-Based Performance Evaluation of Coded MIMO-OFDM Spatial Multiplexing with MMSE Spatial Filtering in an Indoor Line-of-Sight Environment
Hiroshi NISHIMOTO  Toshihiko NISHIMURA  Takeo OHGANE  Yasutaka OGAWA  
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pp.1653-1656  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Antenna Selective Algebraic STBC Using Error Codebook on Correlated Fading Channels
Rong RAN  JangHoon YANG  DongKu KIM  
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pp.1657-1660  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A DOA-Based Adaptive Smart Antenna Processor for Cellular Mobile Systems
Hyung-Rae PARK  Young-Ho YUN  
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pp.1661-1664  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
An ICI Mitigation Method for High Speed Mobile OFDM
Yi LONG  Linling KUANG  Jianhua LU  
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pp.1665-1668  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Slow-Wave Effect of Electronically-Controlled Composite Right/Left-Handed (CRLH) Transmission Line
Sungjoon LIM  
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pp.1669-1672  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Wideband Stacked Square Microstrip Antenna with Shorting Plates
Takafumi FUJIMOTO  
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pp.1673-1676  LETTER-Broadcast Systems
A Simple Joint Estimation Method of Residual Frequency Offset and Sampling Frequency Offset for DVB Systems
Ki-Won KWON  Yongsoo CHO  
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