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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E100-B No.3  (Publication Date:2017/03/01)
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pp.407-416  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
On Scheduling Delay-Sensitive SVC Multicast over Wireless Networks with Network Coding
Shujuan WANG  Chunting YAN  
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pp.417-425  PAPER-Internet
Link Weight Optimization Scheme for Link Reinforcement in IP Networks
Stephane KAPTCHOUANG  Hiroki TAHARA  Eiji OKI  
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pp.426-432  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Pattern Synthesis of Sparse Linear Arrays Using Spider Monkey Optimization
Huaning WU  Yalong YAN  Chao LIU  Jing ZHANG  
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pp.433-439  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Decision Feedback Equalizer with Frequency Domain Bidirectional Noise Prediction for MIMO-SCFDE System
Zedong XIE  Xihong CHEN  Xiaopeng LIU  Lunsheng XUE  Yu ZHAO  
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pp.440-448  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Nonlinear Precoding for XOR Physical Layer Network Coding in Bi-Directional MIMO Relay Systems
Lengchi CAO  Satoshi DENNO  
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pp.449-455  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Analytical End-to-End PER Performance of Multi-Hop Cooperative Relaying and Its Experimental Verification
Hidekazu MURATA  Makoto MIYAGOSHI  Yuji OISHI  
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pp.456-464  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Link Quality Information Sharing by Compressed Sensing and Compressed Transmission for Arbitrary Topology Wireless Mesh Networks
Hiraku OKADA  Shuhei SUZAKI  Tatsuya KATO  Kentaro KOBAYASHI  Masaaki KATAYAMA  
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pp.465-472  PAPER-Sensing
Parametric Wind Velocity Vector Estimation Method for Single Doppler LIDAR Model
Takayuki MASUO  Fang SHANG  Shouhei KIDERA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  Hiroshi SAKAMAKI  Nobuhiro SUZUKI  
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pp.473-483  PAPER-Space Utilization Systems for Communications
A New D2D-Aided OTDOA Positioning Method for 3GPP LTE System
Kyunghoon LEE  Dong Hun LEE  Wonjun HWANG  Hyung-Jin CHOI  
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