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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E100-B No.2  (Publication Date:2017/02/01)
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Special Section on Antenna and Propagation Technologies Contributing to Realization of Next Generation Wireless Systems

pp.194-194  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Keizo CHO  
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pp.195-202  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Novel Cellular Active Array Antenna System at Base Station for Beyond 4G
Masayuki NAKANO  
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pp.203-210  PAPER
A Wideband Printed Elliptical Monopole Antenna for Circular Polarization
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pp.211-218  PAPER
Simultaneous Optimal Design Method of Primary Radiator and Main Reflector for Shaped Beam Antennas
Takashi TOMURA  Michio TAKIKAWA  Yoshio INASAWA  Hiroaki MIYASHITA  
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pp.219-226  PAPER
Wavelength Analysis Using Equivalent Circuits in a Fast and Slow Wave Waffle-Iron Ridge Guide
Hideki KIRINO  Kazuhiro HONDA  Kun LI  Koichi OGAWA  
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pp.227-233  PAPER
Design of Miniaturized and Bandwidth-Enhanced Implantable Antenna on Dielectric/Ferrite Substrate for Wireless Biotelemetry
Jae-Ho LEE  Dong-Wook SEO  
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pp.234-241  PAPER
A Compact MIMO Antenna System Using Split-Ring Resonator Antennas
Keishi KOSAKA  Hiroshi TOYAO  Eiji HANKUI  
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pp.242-251  PAPER
Path Loss Model for Outdoor-to-Indoor Corridor Up to 40GHz Band in Microcell Environments
Minoru INOMATA  Motoharu SASAKI  Wataru YAMADA  Takeshi ONIZAWA  Masashi NAKATSUGAWA  Nobutaka OMAKI  Koshiro KITAO  Tetsuro IMAI  Yukihiko OKUMURA  
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pp.252-261  PAPER
Field Experimental Evaluation of Mobile Terminal Velocity Estimation Based on Doppler Spread Detection for Mobility Control in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Sourabh MAITI  Manabu MIKAMI  Kenji HOSHINO  
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pp.262-268  PAPER
Multi-Beam Massive MIMO Using Constant Modulus Algorithm for QAM Signals Employing Amplitude and Phase Offset Compensation
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Regular Section

pp.269-279  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Multiway Relay Channels Using Distributed Interference Neutralization and Retransmission
Bowei ZHANG  Wenjiang FENG  Qian XIAO  Luran LV  Zhiming WANG  
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pp.280-292  PAPER-Network System
Call Admission Controls in an IP-PBX Considering the End-to-End QoS of VoIP Calls with Silence Suppression
Ji-Young JUNG  Jung-Ryun LEE  
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pp.293-303  PAPER-Network
TCP Network Coding with Enhanced Retransmission for Heavy and Bursty Loss
Nguyen VIET HA  Kazumi KUMAZOE  Masato TSURU  
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pp.304-312  PAPER-Network
Dynamic Ant Colony Optimization for Routing in Mobile Content Oriented Networks
Shintaro MANOME  Takuya ASAKA  
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pp.313-322  PAPER-Network
Bufferbloat Avoidance with Frame-Dropping Threshold Notification in Ring Aggregation Networks
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pp.323-335  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Regression-Based Channel Capacity for the Evaluation of 2×2 MIMO Antennas
Kazuhiro HONDA  Takeshi KITAMURA  Kun LI  Koichi OGAWA  
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pp.336-343  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Reduced Complexity K-Best Decoder via Adaptive Symbol Constellation for Uncoded MIMO Wireless Systems
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pp.344-353  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Throughput Performance of Joint Detection in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Schemes
Takahiro YAZAKI  Yukitoshi SANADA  
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pp.354-363  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Resource Allocation in Energy Constrained Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network
Wenhao JIANG  Wenjiang FENG  Xingcheng ZHAO  Qing LUO  Zhiming WANG  
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pp.364-371  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Achievable Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Multi-Way Relay Channel with Asymmetric Message Set and Delayed CSIT
Chiachi HUANG  Yuan OUYANG  
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pp.372-379  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
A Study on Adaptive Scheduling Priority Control for Layered Cell Configuration
Atsushi NAGATE  Teruya FUJII  Masayuki MURATA  
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pp.380-389  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Efficient Selection of Users' Pair in Cognitive Radio Network to Maximize Throughput Using Simultaneous Transmit-Sense Approach
Muhammad Sajjad KHAN  Muhammad USMAN  Vu-Van HIEP  Insoo KOO  
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pp.390-399  PAPER-Satellite Communications
Throughput Enhancement for SATCOM Systems Using Dynamic Spectrum Controlled Channel Allocation under Variable Propagation Conditions
Katsuya NAKAHIRA  Jun MASHINO  Jun-ichi ABE  Daisuke MURAYAMA  Tadao NAKAGAWA  Takatoshi SUGIYAMA  
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pp.400-406  PAPER-Sensing
Clutter Suppression Method of Iron Tunnel Using Cepstral Analysis for Automotive Radars
Han-Byul LEE  Jae-Eun LEE  Hae-Seung LIM  Seong-Hee JEONG  Seong-Cheol KIM  
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