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Reduced Complexity K-Best Decoder via Adaptive Symbol Constellation for Uncoded MIMO Wireless Systems
Summary | Full Text:PDF(811.3KB)

Simple Weighted Diversity Combining Technique for Cyclostationarity Detection Based Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Daiki CHO  Shusuke NARIEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(351.6KB)

A Zero Bias Frequency-Domain Interference Suppressor for GNSS Receivers
Guangteng FAN  Xiaomei TANG  Junwei NIE  Yangbo HUANG  Guangfu SUN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(552.2KB)

Statistical Measurement of Electromagnetic Noise Characteristics of ESD in Wireless Frequency Bands and Influence Evaluation on Communication Performance
Ryo NAKAYA  Hidenawo ANDO  Daisuke ANZAI  Jianqing WANG  Osamu FUJIWARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

An Efficient Backoff Algorithm Based on the Theory of Confidence Interval Estimation
Chunyang LEI  Hongxia BIE  Gengfa FANG  Markus MUECK  Xuekun ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

A Compact MIMO UWB Antenna Using Different Types of Dipoles with Low Mutual Coupling
Nguyen Quoc DINH  Le Trong TRUNG  Xuan Nam TRAN  Naobumi MICHISHITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

Interference Cancellation Employing Replica Selection Algorithm and Neural Network Power Control for MIMO Small Cell Networks
Michael Andri WIJAYA  Kazuhiko FUKAWA  Hiroshi SUZUKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(535.1KB)

Equivalent Circuit Analysis of Meta-surface using Double-layered Patch-type FSS
Ryuji KUSE  Toshikazu HORI  Mitoshi FUJIMOTO  Takuya SEKI  Keisuke SATO  Ichiro OSIMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Gain-aware Caching Scheme based on Popularity Monitoring in Information-Centric Networking
Long CHEN  Hongbo TANG  Xingguo LUO  Yi BAI  Zhen ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

A Broadband Circularly Polarized Waveguide Antenna Design for Low Cross-polarization
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.7MB)

Extended S-Parameter Method for Measuring Reflection and Mutual Coupling of Multi-Antennas
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.9MB)

Evaluation of Adaptive Satellite Power Control Method Using Rain Radar Data
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Resource allocation method of service chaining for guaranteeing minimum bandwidth and high resource utilization
Hirofumi YAMAZAKI  Konomi MOCHIZUKI  Shunsuke HOMMA  Koji SUGISONO  Masaaki OMOTANI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Transmission with a Multi-Antenna Relay in Multiuser Networks
Chang KYUNG SUNG  Kyu-Sung HWANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(671.4KB)

ePec-LDPC HARQ: An LDPC HARQ Scheme with Targeted Retransmission
Yumei WANG  Jiawei LIANG  Hao WANG  Eiji OKI  Lin ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Name resolution based on set of attribute-value pairs of real-world information
Ryoichi KAWAHARA  Hiroshi SAITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(158.8KB)

Cooperative/Parallel Kalman Filtering for Decentralized Network Navigation
Wenyun GAO  Xi CHEN  Dexiu HU  HaiSheng XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.9MB)

Measurement Matrices Construction For Compressed Sensing Based On Finite Field Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes
Hua XU  Hao YANG  Wenjuan SHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(173.5KB)

Achievable Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Cellular Interfering Networks Using Interference Alignment
Bowei Zhang  Wenjiang Feng  Le Li  Guoling Liu  Zhiming Wang  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Blind Identification of Multichannel Systems Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning
Kai ZHANG  Hongyi YU  Yunpeng HU  Zhixiang SHEN  Siyu TAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(192.5KB)

Efficient Data Persistence Scheme Based on Compressive Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bo KONG  Gengxin ZHANG  Dongming BIAN  Hui TIAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(947.5KB)

Relating Crosstalk to Plane-Wave Field-to-Wire Coupling
Flavia GRASSI  Giordano SPADACINI  Keliang YUAN  Sergio A. PIGNARI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(852.4KB)

A Feasibility Study of DSP-enabled Cancellation of Random Phase Noise Caused by Optical Coherent Transceivers in Next-generation Optical Access Systems
Sang-Yuep KIM  Jun-ichi KANI  Hideaki KIMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.3MB)

Opportunistic Relaying Analysis Using Antenna Selection Under Adaptive Transmission
Ramesh KUMAR  Abdul AZIZ  Inwhee JOE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(991.8KB)

Adaptive Sidelobe Cancellation Technique for Atmospheric Radars Containing Arrays with Nonuniform Gain
Summary | Full Text:PDF(313.8KB)

Analysis on Buffer Occupancy of Quantized Congestion Notification in Data Center Networks
Chang RUAN  Jianxin WANG  Jiawei HUANG  Wanchun JIANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

A Novel Collision Avoidance Scheme Using Optimized Contention Window in Dense Wireless LAN Environments
Yoshiaki MORINO  Takefumi HIRAGURI  Hideaki YOSHINO  Kentaro NISHIMORI  Takahiro MATSUDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(230KB)

3-Port MIMO DRAs for 2.4GHz WLAN Communications
Katsunori ISHIMIYA  Chi-Yuk CHIU  Zhinong YING  Jun-ichi TAKADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.1MB)

Simplified Maximum Likelihood Detection with Unitary Precoding for XOR Physical Layer Network Coding
Satoshi DENNO  Daisuke UMEHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(489.9KB)

Identifying DNS Anomalous User by Using Hierarchical Aggregate Entropy
Keisuke ISHIBASHI  Kazumichi SATOH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(948.9KB)

Signal carrier frequency variation approach for GEO satellite multipath mitigation in the BDS
Xu Chengtao  Tang Xiaomei  Huang Yangbo  Wang Feixue  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(539KB)

Wavelength switching method that cooperates with traffic control for λ-tunable WDM/TDM-PON
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1MB)

Transient Response of Reference Modified Digital PID Control DC-DC Converters with Neural Network Prediction
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.2MB)

Resource Allocation in Energy Constrained Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network
Wenhao Jiang  Wenjiang Feng  Xingcheng Zhao  Qing Luo  Zhiming Wang  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(759.8KB)

Joint Maximum Likelihood Detection in Far User of Non-orthogonal Multiple Access
Kenji ANDO  Yukitoshi SANADA  Takahiko SABA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

TCP Network Coding with Enhanced Retransmission for heavy and bursty loss
Nguyen VIET HA  Kazumi KUMAZOE  Masato TSURU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.2MB)

Dynamic Ant Colony Optimization for Routing in Mobile Content Oriented Networks
Shintaro MANOME  Takuya ASAKA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.6MB)

Element Gain Improvement for Phased Array Antenna Based on Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna
Takashi MARUYAMA  Takashi UESAKA  Satoshi YAMAGUCHI  Masataka OTSUKA  Hiroaki MIYASHITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(607.9KB)

Recommendation-based Bandwidth Calendaring for Packet Transport Network
Shohei KAMAMURA  Rie HAYASHI  Hiroki DATE  Hiroshi YAMAMOTO  Takashi MIYAMURA  Yoshihiko UEMATSU  Kouichi GENDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(485.5KB)

Clutter Suppression Method of Iron Tunnel using Cepstral Analysis for Automotive Radars
Han-Byul LEE  Jae-Eun LEE  Hae-Seung LIM  Seong-Hee JEONG  Seong-Cheol KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.2MB)

Joint Optimization of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio and Spectral Leakage in NC-OFDM
Peng WEI  Lilin DAN  Yue XIAO  Shaoqian LI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(637.5KB)

Alignment Control System using Beam-tilting 1-D Waveguide-slot Array Antennas for 120-GHz-band Corporate-feed High-gain 2-D Arrays
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.5MB)

Optimizing Video Delivery for Enhancing User Experience in Wireless Networks
Jongwon YOON  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(981.6KB)

A New Iterative Algorithm for Weighted Sum Outage Rate Maximization in MISO Interference Channels
Jun WANG  Desheng WANG  Yingzhuang LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(958.5KB)

Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Multiway Relay Channels Using Distributed Interference Neutralization and Retransmission
Bowei ZHANG  Wenjiang FENG  Qian XIAO  Luran LV  Zhiming WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(912.7KB)

Call Admission Controls in an IP-PBX Considering the End-to-End QoS of VoIP Calls with Silence Suppression
Ji-Young JUNG  Jung-Ryun LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(615.8KB)

Bufferbloat Avoidance with Frame-dropping Threshold Notification in Ring Aggregation Networks
Summary | Full Text:PDF(867.5KB)

 Volume E99-B No.8  (Publication Date:2016/08/01)
Special Section on Advanced Information and Communication Technologies and Services in Conjunction with Main Topics of APCC2015

pp.1628-1628  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Atsushi MURASE  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(234.3KB)

pp.1629-1637  INVITED PAPER-Network  Open Access Paper
Design and Deployment of Enhanced VNode Infrastructure — Deeply Programmable Network Virtualization
Kazuhisa YAMADA  Akihiro NAKAO  Yasusi KANADA  Yoshinori SAIDA  Koichiro AMEMIYA  Yuki MINAMI  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(3.1MB)

pp.1638-1647  INVITED PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies  Open Access Paper
Radio Access Technologies for Fifth Generation Mobile Communications System: Review of Recent Research and Developments in Japan
Hidekazu MURATA  Eiji OKAMOTO  Manabu MIKAMI  Akihiro OKAZAKI  Satoshi SUYAMA  Takamichi INOUE  Jun MASHINO  Tetsuya YAMAMOTO  Makoto TAROMARU  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(2.9MB)

pp.1648-1654  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Link-Adaptable Vector-Perturbation ZFBF Precoder for Multi-Point 3D-Beamformers
Masaaki FUJII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1655-1668  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Real-Time Joint Channel and Hyperparameter Estimation Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for OFDM Mobile Communications
Junichiro HAGIWARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (7.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1669-1676  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Effects of Adding/Dropping Nyquist WDM Superchannels on Linear and Nonlinear Transmission Impairments in an Elastic Optical Network
Masahiko JINNO  Takuya NAKAGAWA  Yutaka MORI  Koichi MARU  Haruna MATSUSHITA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1677-1686  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Nonlinear Oscillation for a Millimeter-Sized Vibrational Energy Harvester with Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Electret
Kazuyoshi ONO  Norio SATO  Alexander YU  Yujiro TANAKA  Tomomi SAKATA  Yoshito JIN  Yasuhiro SATO  Hiroshi KOIZUMI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.8MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1687-1696  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Multi-Cell Structure Backscatter Based Wireless-Powered Communication Network (WPCN)
Shin Hyuk CHOI  Dong In KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1697-1705  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Lattice Reduction-Aided Detection for Overloaded MIMO Using Slab Decoding
Summary | Full Text:PDF (752.5KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1706-1717  PAPER-Network
Energy Efficient Macrocell Strategy: Opportunistic Beamforming with Femtocells Deployment Based on Hourly User Location Distribution
Nur Ellina Binti ISHAK  Eiji KAMIOKA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.8MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1718-1726  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Modelling Load Balancing Mechanisms in Self-Optimising 4G Mobile Networks with Elastic and Adaptive Traffic
Summary | Full Text:PDF (953.9KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1727-1733  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
PPLN-Based Low-Noise In-Line Phase Sensitive Amplifier with Highly Sensitive Carrier-Recovery System
Koji ENBUTSU  Takeshi UMEKI  Osamu TADANAGA  Masaki ASOBE  Hirokazu TAKENOUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1734-1744  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Proactive Handover Based on Human Blockage Prediction Using RGB-D Cameras for mmWave Communications
Yuta OGUMA  Takayuki NISHIO  Koji YAMAMOTO  Masahiro MORIKURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1745-1753  PAPER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
Adaptive Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Method for a Push-To-Talk Enabled Wireless Communication Device
Hyoung-Gook KIM  Jin Young KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1754-1762  PAPER-Network
A Prediction-Based Approach to Moving-Phenomenon Monitoring Using Mobile Sensor Nodes
Duc Van LE  Hoon OH  Seokhoon YOON  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (911.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1763-1771  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Sensing-Based Spectrum Sharing for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Wanming HAO  Shouyi YANG  Osamu MUTA  Haris GACANIN  Hiroshi FURUKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1772-1779  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Proposal of a Simple Ultra-Low Contention CD ROADM
Ayako IWAKI  Akio SAHARA  Mitsunori FUKUTOKU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1780-1788  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Self-Organized Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Based on Partial CSI Sharing in Heterogeneous Networks Employing Cell Range Expansion
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1789-1798  PAPER-Network
A Graphical Game Theoretic Approach to Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
Hui JING  Hitoshi AIDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1799-1804  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Optical DP-High Order-QAM Transmission System for High-Speed Short Links Utilizing Copropagating Twin Local Lights
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1805-1812  PAPER-Network
Virtual Edge Architecture with Optical Bandwidth Resource Control
Akira MISAWA  Konomi MOCHIZUKI  Hideo TSUCHIYA  Masahiro NAKAGAWA  Kyota HATTORI  Masaru KATAYAMA  Jun-ichi KANI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (4.3MB) >>Buy this Article

Regular Section

pp.1813-1823  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Welch FFT Segment Size Selection Method for Spectrum Awareness System
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1824-1834  PAPER-Network
Fast and Flow-Controlled Multi-Stage Network Recovery from Large-Scale Physical Failures
Kouichi GENDA  Hiroshi YAMAMOTO  Shohei KAMAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1022.2KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1835-1845  PAPER-Network
SNGR: Scalable Name-Based Geometric Routing for ICN
Yanbin SUN  Yu ZHANG  Binxing FANG  Hongli ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1846-1858  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Simultaneous Decoupling and Matching Technique for Short-Range MIMO
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1859-1866  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Array Correlation Matrix Element Properties and Their Application to Low-Cost DOA Estimation
Summary | Full Text:PDF (600.1KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1867-1873  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Linear Combining Scheme to Suppress Interference in Multiple Relay Systems
Ahmet Ihsan CANBOLAT  Kazuhiko FUKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (945.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1874-1883  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Design and Implementation of ETSI-Standard Reconfigurable Mobile Device for Heterogeneous Network
Yong JIN  Chiyoung AHN  Seungwon CHOI  Markus MUECK  Vladimir IVANOV  Tapan K. SARKAR  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (5.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1884-1893  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Interference-Aware Receiver for Multiuser MIMO Downlink Transmission in IEEE 802.11ac Wireless LAN Systems
Minjoon KIM  Yunho JUNG  Jaeseok KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1894-1901  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Practical Implementation of Spectrum Sensing and Signal Detection for Satellite Broadcasting Systems
Hiroyuki KAMATA  Gia Khanh TRAN  Kei SAKAGUCHI  Kiyomichi ARAKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1902-1909  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Algorithm Design of Relative Magnitude Coefficients Using Brent's Method on the K-User MIMO-IFC
Kunitaka MATSUMURA  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (636.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1910-1918  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Mobile WiMAX Handover for Real-Time Application
Summary | Full Text:PDF (661.5KB) >>Buy this Article

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