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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E102-A No.2  (Publication Date:2019/02/01)
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Special Section on Mathematical Systems Science and its Applications

pp.324-324  FOREWORD
Takafumi KANAZAWA  
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pp.325-335  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Automatic Generation of Train Timetables from Mesoscopic Railway Models by SMT-Solver
Yoshinao ISOBE  Hisabumi HATSUGAI  Akira TANAKA  Yutaka OIWA  Takanori AMBE  Akimasa OKADA  Satoru KITAMURA  Yamato FUKUTA  Takashi KUNIFUJI  
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pp.336-342  PAPER
Analysis of Option to Complete, Proper Completion and No Dead Tasks for Acyclic Free Choice Workflow Nets
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pp.343-350  PAPER
Distributed Constrained Convex Optimization with Accumulated Subgradient Information over Undirected Switching Networks
Yuichi KAJIYAMA  Naoki HAYASHI  Shigemasa TAKAI  
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pp.351-358  PAPER
Distributed Proximal Minimization Algorithm for Constrained Convex Optimization over Strongly Connected Networks
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pp.359-364  PAPER
Predictive Pinning Control with Communication Delays for Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems
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pp.365-371  PAPER
Properties and Judgment of Determiner Sets
Takafumi GOTO  Koki TANAKA  Mitsuru NAKATA  Qi-Wei GE  
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pp.372-378  PAPER
Computationally Efficient Model Predictive Control for Multi-Agent Surveillance Systems
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pp.379-388  PAPER
Efficient Algorithms to Augment the Edge-Connectivity of Specified Vertices by One in a Graph
Satoshi TAOKA  Toshimasa WATANABE  
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pp.389-398  PAPER
A Petri Net Approach to Generate Integer Linear Programming Problems
Morikazu NAKAMURA  Takeshi TENGAN  Takeo YOSHIDA  
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pp.399-403  LETTER
Maximally Permissive Nonblocking Supervisors for Similarity Control of Nondeterministic Discrete Event Systems under Event and State Observations
Jinglun LI  Shigemasa TAKAI  
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Regular Section

pp.404-414  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Novel Four-Point Model Based Unit-Norm Constrained Least Squares Method for Single-Tone Frequency Estimation
Zhe LI  Yili XIA  Qian WANG  Wenjiang PEI  Jinguang HAO  
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pp.415-422  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Specific Properties of the Computation Process by a Turing Machine on the Game of Life
Shigeru NINAGAWA  
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pp.423-429  PAPER-Algorithms and Data Structures
Characterizing Link-2 LR-Visibility Polygons and Related Problems
Xuehou TAN  Bo JIANG  
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pp.430-439  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Hardware-Accelerated Secured Naïve Bayesian Filter Based on Partially Homomorphic Encryption
Song BIAN  Masayuki HIROMOTO  Takashi SATO  
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pp.440-449  PAPER-Information Theory  Open Access Paper
A Universal Two-Dimensional Source Coding by Means of Subblock Enumeration
Takahiro OTA  Hiroyoshi MORITA  Akiko MANADA  
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pp.450-457  PAPER-Information Theory
Correlation Distributions between an m-Sequence and Its Niho Decimation Sequences of Short Period
Yongbo XIA  Shiyuan HE  Shaoping CHEN  
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pp.458-463  LETTER-Engineering Acoustics  Open Access Paper
Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis Based on Generalized Kullback-Leibler Divergence
Shinichi MOGAMI  Yoshiki MITSUI  Norihiro TAKAMUNE  Daichi KITAMURA  Hiroshi SARUWATARI  Yu TAKAHASHI  Kazunobu KONDO  Hiroaki NAKAJIMA  Hirokazu KAMEOKA  
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pp.464-466  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
A Note on Minimum Hamming Weights of Correlation-Immune Boolean Functions
Qichun WANG  Yanjun LI  
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pp.467-470  LETTER-Coding Theory
New Families of Almost Binary Sequences with Optimal Autocorrelation Property
Xiuping PENG  Hongbin LIN  Yanmin LIU  Xiaoyu CHEN  Xiaoxia NIU  Yubo LI  
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pp.471-475  LETTER-Coding Theory
Construction of Asymmetric Gaussian Integer ZCZ Sequence Sets
Xiaoyu CHEN  Heru SU  Yubo LI  Xiuping PENG  
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pp.476-479  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Design of CPM-PNC Using the Titled-Phase Model over AWGN Channels
Nan SHA  Mingxi GUO  Yuanyuan GAO  Lihua CHEN  Kui XU  
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pp.480-485  LETTER-Image
Parallel Feature Network For Saliency Detection
Zheng FANG  Tieyong CAO  Jibin YANG  Meng SUN  
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pp.486-489  LETTER-Image
Foreground Enlargement of Spherical Images Using a Spring Model
An-shui YU  Kenji HARA  Kohei INOUE  Kiichi URAHAMA  
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pp.490-496  LETTER-Measurement Technology
How to Select TDOA-Based Bearing Measurements for Improved Passive Triangulation Localization
Kyu-Ha SONG  San-Hae KIM  Woo-Jin SONG  
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