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Volume E102-A No.1  (Publication Date:2019/01/01)
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Special Section on Cryptography and Information Security

pp.1-2  FOREWORD
Masayuki ABE  
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pp.3-10  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Token Model and Interpretation Function for Blockchain-Based FinTech Applications
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Towards Reducing the Gap between Cryptography and Its Usage
Kazumaro AOKI  
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pp.17-26  PAPER
Meet-in-the-Middle Key Recovery Attacks on a Single-Key Two-Round Even-Mansour Cipher
Takanori ISOBE  Kyoji SHIBUTANI  
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pp.27-34  PAPER
On Quantum Related-Key Attacks on Iterated Even-Mansour Ciphers
Akinori HOSOYAMADA  Kazumaro AOKI  
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pp.35-47  PAPER
Optimizing Online Permutation-Based AE Schemes for Lightweight Applications
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pp.48-55  PAPER
Multi-Service Oriented Stream Data Synchronization Scheme for Multicore Cipher Chips
Li LI  Fenghua LI  Guozhen SHI  
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pp.56-64  PAPER
An ASIC Crypto Processor for 254-Bit Prime-Field Pairing Featuring Programmable Arithmetic Core Optimized for Quadratic Extension Field
Hiromitsu AWANO  Tadayuki ICHIHASHI  Makoto IKEDA  
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pp.65-73  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Improvement of Anomaly Detection Performance Using Packet Flow Regularity in Industrial Control Networks
Kensuke TAMURA  Kanta MATSUURA  
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pp.74-80  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Elliptic Curve Method Using Complex Multiplication Method
Yusuke AIKAWA  Koji NUIDA  Masaaki SHIRASE  
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pp.81-98  PAPER
Proxy Re-Encryption That Supports Homomorphic Operations for Re-Encrypted Ciphertexts
Yutaka KAWAI  Takahiro MATSUDA  Takato HIRANO  Yoshihiro KOSEKI  Goichiro HANAOKA  
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pp.99-113  PAPER
How to Watermark Cryptographic Functions by Bilinear Maps
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pp.114-124  PAPER  Open Access Paper
No-Dictionary Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Wakaha OGATA  Kaoru KUROSAWA  
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pp.125-147  PAPER
On Fail-Stop Signature Schemes with H-EUC Security
Masahiro NOMURA  Katsuhiro NAKAMURA  
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pp.148-151  LETTER
Post-Quantum Security of IGE Mode Encryption in Telegram
Jeeun LEE  Sungsook KIM  Seunghyun LEE  Kwangjo KIM  
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pp.152-154  LETTER
On Searching Maximal-Period Dynamic LFSRs With at Most Four Switches
Lin WANG  Zhi HU  Deng TANG  
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Special Section on Wideband Systems

pp.155-155  FOREWORD
Fumiaki MAEHARA  
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pp.156-167  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Practical Performance and Prospect of Underwater Optical Wireless Communication ——Results of Optical Characteristic Measurement at Visible Light Band under Water and Communication Tests with the Prototype Modem in the Sea——
Takao SAWA  Naoki NISHIMURA  Koji TOJO  Shin ITO  
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pp.168-176  PAPER
Investigation into Symbol Error Rate of Multilevel Differential Polarization Shift Keying with Estimation of Inclined Polarization Axes
Kouji OHUCHI  Yusuke ITO  
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pp.177-185  PAPER
Filter-and-Forward-Based Full-Duplex Relaying in Frequency-Selective Channels
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pp.186-194  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Random Access Control Scheme with Reservation Channel for Capacity Expansion of QZSS Safety Confirmation System
Suguru KAMEDA  Kei OHYA  Tomohide TAKAHASHI  Hiroshi OGUMA  Noriharu SUEMATSU  
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pp.195-204  PAPER
Method for Detecting User Positions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Doppler Shifts
Hiroyasu ISHIKAWA  Hiroki ONUKI  Hideyuki SHINONAGA  
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pp.205-208  LETTER
Positioning Method for Wireless LAN Based on RTK-GPS
Hiroki MUSHA  Masahiro FUJII  
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pp.209-210  LETTER
A 2-5GHz Wideband Inductorless Low Noise Amplifier for LTE and Intermediate-Frequency-Band 5G Applications
Youming ZHANG  Fengyi HUANG  Lijuan YANG  Xusheng TANG  Zhen CHEN  
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Regular Section

pp.211-218  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Phase-Difference Compensation and Nonuniform Pulse Transmission for Accurate Real-Time Moving Object Tracking
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pp.219-226  PAPER-Analog Signal Processing
Circuit Scale Reduced N-Path Filters with Sampling Computation for Increased Harmonic Passband Rejection
Zi Hao ONG  Takahide SATO  Satomi OGAWA  
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pp.227-234  PAPER-Systems and Control
Asymptotic Stabilization of Nonholonomic Four-Wheeled Vehicle with Steering Limitation
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pp.235-241  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Multi-Phase Synchronization Phenomena in a Ring-Coupled System of Digital Spiking Neurons
Hiroaki UCHIDA  Toshimichi SAITO  
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pp.242-250  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
New Distinguisher on Reduced-Round Keccak Sponge Function
Senyang HUANG  Xiaoyun WANG  Guangwu XU  Meiqin WANG  Jingyuan ZHAO  
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pp.251-269  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security  Open Access Paper
Fast and Scalable Bilinear-Type Conversion Method for Large Scale Crypto Schemes
Masayuki ABE  Fumitaka HOSHINO  Miyako OHKUBO  
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pp.270-277  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security  Open Access Paper
The PRF Security of Compression-Function-Based MAC Functions in the Multi-User Setting
Shoichi HIROSE  
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pp.278-289  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Improving MDC-4 to Be More Secure
Deukjo HONG  Dong-Chan KIM  Daesung KWON  
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pp.290-295  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Zero-Forcing Aided Polarization Dependent Loss Elimination for Polarization Modulation Based Dual-Polarized Satellite Systems
Rugang WANG  Feng ZHOU  Xiaofang YANG  Zhangkai LUO  
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pp.296-299  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Online Antenna-Pulse Selection for STAP by Exploiting Structured Covariance Matrix
Fengde JIA  Zishu HE  Yikai WANG  Ruiyang LI  
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pp.300-302  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
A New Attack Scheme on the Bitcoin Reward System
Jaewoo SO  
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pp.303-306  LETTER-Information Theory
Some Improved Constructions for Nonbinary Quantum BCH Codes
Nianqi TANG  Zhuo LI  Lijuan XING  Ming ZHANG  Feifei ZHAO  
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pp.307-309  LETTER-Coding Theory
Fast Montgomery-Like Square Root Computation for All Trinomials
Yin LI  Yu ZHANG  Xiaoli GUO  
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pp.310-315  LETTER-Coding Theory
On the Separating Redundancy of the Duals of First-Order Generalized Reed-Muller Codes
Haiyang LIU  Yan LI  Lianrong MA  
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pp.316-319  LETTER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
Low-Hit-Zone Frequency-Hopping Sequence Sets with Optimal Periodic Partial Hamming Correlation Properties
Limengnan ZHOU  Hongyu HAN  Xing LIU  
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pp.320-323  LETTER-General Fundamentals and Boundaries
Lightweight Computation of Overlaid Traffic Flows by Shortest Origin-Destination Trips
Hiroyuki GOTO  Yohei KAKIMOTO  Yoichi SHIMAKAWA  
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