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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E101-A No.8  (Publication Date:2018/08/01)
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pp.1156-1161  PAPER-Systems and Control
Decentralized Event-Triggered Control of Composite Systems Using M-Matrices
Kenichi FUKUDA  Toshimitsu USHIO  
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pp.1162-1171  PAPER-Systems and Control
Weighted Subtask Controller for Redundant Manipulator Using Auxiliary Positive Function
Youngjun YOO  Daesung JUNG  Sangchul WON  
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pp.1172-1184  PAPER-Systems and Control
A Reactive Management System for Reliable Power Supply in a Building Microgrid with Vehicle-to-Grid Interaction
Shoko KIMURA  Yoshihiko SUSUKI  Atsushi ISHIGAME  
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pp.1185-1196  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
An On-The-Fly Jitter Suppression Technique for Plain-CMOS-Logic-Based Timing Verniers: Dynamic Power Compensation with the Extensions of Digitally Variable Delay Lines
Nobutaro SHIBATA  Mitsuo NAKAMURA  
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pp.1197-1203  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Analysis of the k-Error Linear Complexity and Error Sequence for 2pn-Periodic Binary Sequence
Zhihua NIU  Deyu KONG  Yanli REN  Xiaoni DU  
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pp.1204-1214  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Randomness Test to Solve Discrete Fourier Transform Test Problems
Atsushi IWASAKI  Ken UMENO  
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pp.1215-1222  PAPER-Coding Theory
Coding Theoretic Construction of Quantum Ramp Secret Sharing
Ryutaroh MATSUMOTO  
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pp.1223-1234  PAPER-Coding Theory
On the DS2 Bound for Forney's Generalized Decoding Using Non-Binary Linear Block Codes
Toshihiro NIINOMI  Hideki YAGI  Shigeichi HIRASAWA  
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pp.1235-1244  PAPER-Coding Theory
An Extended Generalized Minimum Distance Decoding for Binary Linear Codes on a 4-Level Quantization over an AWGN Channel
Shunsuke UEDA  Ken IKUTA  Takuya KUSAKA  Md. Al-Amin KHANDAKER  Md. Arshad ALI  Yasuyuki NOGAMI  
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pp.1245-1256  PAPER-Intelligent Transport System
GNSS Correction Using Altitude Map and Its Integration with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning
Yuyang HUANG  Li-Ta HSU  Yanlei GU  Shunsuke KAMIJO  
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pp.1257-1262  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Adaptive Beamforming Based on Compressed Sensing with Gain/Phase Uncertainties
Bin HU  Xiaochuan WU  Xin ZHANG  Qiang YANG  Di YAO  Weibo DENG  
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pp.1263-1266  LETTER-Information Theory
Binary Sequence Pairs of Period pm-1 with Optimal Three-Level Correlation
Lianfei LUO  Wenping MA  Feifei ZHAO  
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pp.1267-1272  LETTER-Information Theory
Construction of Asymmetric Orthogonal Arrays of Strength t from Orthogonal Partition of Small Orthogonal Arrays
Shanqi PANG  Xiao LIN  Jing WANG  
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pp.1273-1279  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Effect of Doppler Shift on the Performance of Full-Duplex Systems
Min ZHANG  Jianxin DAI  Jin-Yuan WANG  Junxi ZHAO  Chonghu CHENG  
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