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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E101-A No.4  (Publication Date:2018/04/01)
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pp.668-677  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Regularized Kernel Representation for Visual Tracking
Jun WANG  Yuanyun WANG  Chengzhi DENG  Shengqian WANG  Yong QIN  
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pp.678-684  PAPER-Systems and Control
Delay-Compensated Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation Method and Its Application for Quadrotor UAVs
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pp.685-696  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
C Description Reconstruction Method from a Revised Netlist for ECO Support
Yusuke KIMURA  Amir Masoud GHAREHBAGHI  Masahiro FUJITA  
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pp.697-703  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Repeated Games for Generating Randomness in Encryption
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pp.704-712  PAPER-Coding Theory
New Construction Methods for Binary Sequence Pairs of Period pq with Ideal Two-Level Correlation
Xiumin SHEN  Yanguo JIA  Xiaofei SONG  Yubo LI  
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pp.713-722  PAPER-Image
Color Image Enhancement Method with Variable Emphasis Degree
Hiromu ENDO  Akira TAGUCHI  
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pp.723-726  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Optimal Design of Notch Filter with Principal Basic Vectors in Subspace
Jinguang HAO  Gang WANG  Lili WANG  Honggang WANG  
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pp.727-730  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Simple Feature Quantities for Analysis of Periodic Orbits in Dynamic Binary Neural Networks
Seitaro KOYAMA  Shunsuke AOKI  Toshimichi SAITO  
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pp.731-733  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Impossible Differential Attack on Reduced Round SPARX-128/256
Muhammad ELSHEIKH  Mohamed TOLBA  Amr M. YOUSSEF  
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pp.734-737  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Energy-Efficient Power Allocation with Rate Proportional Fairness Constraint in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems
Zheng-qiang WANG  Chen-chen WEN  Zi-fu FAN  Xiao-yu WAN  
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