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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E99-A No.8  (Publication Date:2016/08/01)
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Special Section on Information and Communication Systems for Safe and Secure Life

pp.1503-1503  FOREWORD
Kazunori OKADA  
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pp.1504-1509  INVITED PAPER
Information and Communications Technology in Disaster Mitigation Technology
Yoshiyuki MATSUBARA  
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pp.1510-1517  PAPER
Rapid Restoration Sequence of Fiber Links and Communication Paths from Catastrophic Failures
Akihiro KADOHATA  Takafumi TANAKA  Wataru IMAJUKU  Fumikazu INUZUKA  Atsushi WATANABE  
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pp.1518-1528  PAPER
Threshold Relaxation and Holding Time Limitation Method for Accepting More General Calls under Emergency Trunk Reservation
Kazuki TANABE  Sumiko MIYATA  Ken-ichi BABA  Katsunori YAMAOKA  
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pp.1529-1538  PAPER
Analysis of Information Floating with a Fixed Source of Information Considering Behavior Changes of Mobile Nodes
Keisuke NAKANO  Kazuyuki MIYAKITA  
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pp.1539-1550  PAPER
Business Recovery Conditions of Private Enterprises after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Issues on Business Continuity Measures for Large-Scale Disaster Management — A Case Study of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Miyagi —
Norimasa NAKATANI  Osamu MURAO  Kimiro MEGURO  Kiyomine TERUMOTO  
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pp.1551-1554  LETTER
A Real-Time Information Sharing System to Support Self-, Mutual-, and Public-Help in the Aftermath of a Disaster Utilizing Twitter
Osamu UCHIDA  Masafumi KOSUGI  Gaku ENDO  Takamitsu FUNAYAMA  Keisuke UTSU  Sachi TAJIMA  Makoto TOMITA  Yoshitaka KAJITA  Yoshiro YAMAMOTO  
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pp.1555-1559  LETTER
Identifying Important Tweets by Considering the Potentiality of Neurons
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pp.1560-1566  LETTER
Numerical Evaluation of Effect of Using UTM Grid Maps on Emergency Response Performance — A Case of Information-Processing Training at an Emergency Operation Center in Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture —
Shosuke SATO  Rui NOUCHI  Fumihiko IMAMURA  
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Regular Section

pp.1567-1575  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Data Association in Bistatic MIMO of T/R-R Mode: Basis Decision and Performance Analysis
Xiang DUAN  Zishu HE  Hongming LIU  Jun LI  
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pp.1576-1583  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Ground Moving Target Indication for HRWS-SAR Systems via Symmetric Reconstruction
Hongchao ZHENG  Junfeng WANG  Xingzhao LIU  Wentao LV  
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pp.1584-1590  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
New Results on the Boolean Functions That Can Be Expressed as the Sum of Two Bent Functions
Longjiang QU  Shaojing FU  Qingping DAI  Chao LI  
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pp.1591-1599  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
A Secure M + 1st Price Auction Protocol Based on Bit Slice Circuits
Takuho MITSUNAGA  Yoshifumi MANABE  Tatsuaki OKAMOTO  
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pp.1600-1608  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
Three Gait Oscillations Switchable by a Single Parameter on Hard-Wired Central Pattern Generator Hardware Network
Akihiro MARUYAMA  Kentaro TANI  Shigehito TANAHASHI  Atsuhiko IIJIMA  Yoshinobu MAEDA  
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pp.1609-1613  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Online Convolutive Non-Negative Bases Learning for Speech Enhancement
Yinan LI  Xiongwei ZHANG  Meng SUN  Yonggang HU  Li LI  
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pp.1614-1617  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Simple and Explicit Formulation of Non-Unique Wiener Filters for Linear Predictor with Rank-Deficient Autocorrelation Matrix
Shunsuke KOSHITA  Masahide ABE  Masayuki KAWAMATA  Takaaki OHNARI  Tomoyuki KAWASAKI  Shogo MIURA  
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pp.1618-1621  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Trellis Coded Orbital Angular Momentum Modulation
Chao ZHANG  Lu MA  
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pp.1622-1627  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Estimation of the Acoustic Time Delay of Arrival by Adaptive Eigenvalue Decomposition with a Proportionate Step-Size Control and Direct-Path Constraint
Seokjin LEE  
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pp.1628-1631  LETTER-Systems and Control
Necessary Conditions for θ-Stability of Real Polynomials
Younseok CHOO  
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pp.1632-1634  LETTER-Coding Theory
Self-Adaptive Scaled Min-Sum Algorithm for LDPC Decoders Based on Delta-Min
Keol CHO  Ki-Seok CHUNG  
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pp.1635-1638  LETTER-Coding Theory
Construction of Z-Periodic Complementary Sequence Sets over the 8-QAM+ Constellation
Xiaoyu CHEN  Deming KONG  Chengqian XU  Kai LIU  
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pp.1639-1644  LETTER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
Linear Complexity of New Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order Two with Odd Length
Yu-qian ZHOU  Fei GAO  Jie ZHANG  Qian-yan WEN  Zu-ling CHANG  
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