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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E97-A No.5  (Publication Date:2014/05/01)
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pp.1027-1036  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
An Efficient Parallel SOVA-Based Turbo Decoder for Software Defined Radio on GPU
Rongchun LI  Yong DOU  Jiaqing XU  Xin NIU  Shice NI  
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pp.1037-1041  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Finding All Solutions of Piecewise-Linear Resistive Circuits Using Separable Programming
Kiyotaka YAMAMURA  Hideki TANAKA  
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pp.1042-1050  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
DC Operating Point Analysis of Transistor Circuits Using the Variable-Gain Homotopy Method
Kiyotaka YAMAMURA  Takuya MIYAMOTO  
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pp.1051-1058  PAPER-Circuit Theory
Reconfigurable Dynamic Logic Circuit Generating t-Term Boolean Functions Based on Double-Gate CNTFETs
Manabu KOBAYASHI  Hiroshi NINOMIYA  Yasuyuki MIURA  Shigeyoshi WATANABE  
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pp.1059-1074  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
An Effective Model of the Overshooting Effect for Multiple-Input Gates in Nanometer Technologies
Li DING  Zhangcai HUANG  Atsushi KUROKAWA  Jing WANG  Yasuaki INOUE  
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pp.1075-1085  PAPER-Numerical Analysis and Optimization
Application of the Recursive Transfer Method to Flexural Waves I: Novel Discretization Scheme Using Weak Form Theory Framework and Waveguide Modes on Inhomogeneous Elastic Plates
Hatsuhiro KATO  Hatsuyoshi KATO  
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pp.1086-1102  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Attribute-Based Identification: Definitions and Efficient Constructions
Hiroaki ANADA  Seiko ARITA  Sari HANDA  Yosuke IWABUCHI  
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pp.1103-1112  PAPER-Communication Theory and Signals
Cross-Correlation Distribution between a p-Ary m-Sequence and Its Decimated Sequence with Decimation Factor $d= rac{(p^{m}+1)^2}{2(p^e+1)}$
Yongbo XIA  Shaoping CHEN  
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pp.1113-1118  LETTER-Engineering Acoustics
Music Signal Separation Based on Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Orthogonality and Maximum-Divergence Penalties
Daichi KITAMURA  Hiroshi SARUWATARI  Kosuke YAGI  Kiyohiro SHIKANO  Yu TAKAHASHI  Kazunobu KONDO  
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pp.1119-1120  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Solar Photovoltaic Emulator System Based on a Systolic Array Network
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pp.1121-1124  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
DOA and DOD Estimation Using Orthogonal Projection Approach for Bistatic MIMO Radars
Ann-Chen CHANG  Chih-Chang SHEN  Kai-Shiang CHANG  
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pp.1125-1129  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Radix-R WHT-FFT with Identical Stage-to-Stage Interconnection Pattern
Qianjian XING  Feng YU  Xiaobo YIN  Bei ZHAO  
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pp.1130-1135  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Phase Synchronization for MIMO Radars in the Absence of Channel Reciprocity
Kwanggoo YEO  Hyuk-soo SHIN  Hoon-gee YANG  Young-seek CHUNG  Myung-deuk JEONG  Wonzoo CHUNG  
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pp.1136-1139  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Novel Method of Deinterleaving Pulse Repetition Interval Modulated Sparse Sequences in Noisy Environments
Mahmoud KESHAVARZI  Delaram AMIRI  Amir Mansour PEZESHK  Forouhar FARZANEH  
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pp.1140-1143  LETTER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Computation of the Total Autocorrelation over Shared Binary Decision Diagrams
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pp.1144-1148  LETTER-Algorithms and Data Structures
Efficient CORDIC-Based Processing Elements in Scalable Complex Matrix Inversion
Huan HE  Feng YU  Bei ZHAO  
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pp.1149-1152  LETTER-Graphs and Networks
Indoor Localization Algorithm for TDOA Measurement in NLOS Environments
Xiaosheng YU  Chengdong WU  Long CHENG  
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pp.1153-1158  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Linear Complexity of Generalized Cyclotomic Quaternary Sequences with Period pq
Dan-dan LI  Qiao-yan WEN  Jie ZHANG  Zu-ling CHANG  
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pp.1159-1161  LETTER-Image
Automatic SfM-Based 2D-to-3D Conversion for Multi-Object Scenes
Hak Gu KIM  Jin-ku KANG  Byung Cheol SONG  
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