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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E96-A No.9  (Publication Date:2013/09/01)
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pp.1831-1839  PAPER-Engineering Acoustics
An Estimation Method of Sound Source Orientation Using Eigenspace Variation of Spatial Correlation Matrix
Kenta NIWA  Yusuke HIOKA  Sumitaka SAKAUCHI  Ken'ichi FURUYA  Yoichi HANEDA  
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pp.1840-1847  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Synchronization of Two Different Unified Chaotic Systems with Unknown Mismatched Parameters via Sum of Squares Method
Cheol-Joong KIM  Dongkyoung CHWA  
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pp.1848-1856  PAPER-Circuit Theory
An Effective and Globally Convergent Newton Fixed-Point Homotopy Method for MOS Transistor Circuits
Dan NIU  Xiao WU  Zhou JIN  Yasuaki INOUE  
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pp.1857-1863  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Low Power Design of Asynchronous Datapath for LDPC Decoder
XiaoBo JIANG  DeSheng YE  HongYuan LI  WenTao WU  XiangMin XU  
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pp.1864-1871  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Analysis and Enhancement of an Optimized Gateway-Oriented Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol
Fushan WEI  Zhenfeng ZHANG  Chuangui MA  
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pp.1872-1882  PAPER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
New Quaternary Sequences with Ideal Autocorrelation Constructed from Legendre Sequences
Young-Sik KIM  Ji-Woong JANG  Sang-Hyo KIM  Jong-Seon NO  
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pp.1883-1888  LETTER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Design a Fast CAM-Based Exact Pattern Matching System on FPGA and 0.18µm CMOS Process
Duc-Hung LE  Katsumi INOUE  Cong-Kha PHAM  
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pp.1889-1894  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
An Efficient Hybrid Cryptographic Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network with Network Coding
Man LIANG  Haibin KAN  
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pp.1895-1900  LETTER-Coding Theory
Practically Feasible Design for Convolutional Network Code
Songtao LIANG  Haibin KAN  
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pp.1901-1904  LETTER-Coding Theory
New Construction of Symmetric Orthogonal Arrays of Strength t
Jiao DU  Qiaoyan WEN  Jie ZHANG  Xin LIAO  
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pp.1905-1908  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Adaptive Combining Detection Scheme Using Channel State in MIMO-OFDM System
Hye-Yeon JEONG  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.1909-1913  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Multi-Channel Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Ji-Hoon LEE  Woo-Jin SONG  
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