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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E96-A No.7  (Publication Date:2013/07/01)
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pp.1509-1517  PAPER-Engineering Acoustics
Wide-Area Sound-Control System for Reducing Reverberation Using Power Envelope Inverse Filtering
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pp.1518-1525  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Computing Method for Linear Convolution and Linear Correlation in the DCT Domain
Izumi ITO   
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pp.1526-1533  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Low-Complexity Down-Mixing Structure on Quadraphonic Headsets for Surround Audio
Tai-Ming CHANG  Yi-Ming SHIU  Pao-Chi CHANG  
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pp.1534-1542  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Unified Forward/Inverse Transform Architecture for Multi-Standard Video Codec Design
Sha SHEN  Weiwei SHEN  Yibo FAN  Xiaoyang ZENG  
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pp.1543-1551  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A Step Size Control Method Improving Estimation Speed in Double Talk Term
Takuto YOSHIOKA  Kana YAMASAKI  Takuya SAWADA  Kensaku FUJII  Mitsuji MUNEYASU  Masakazu MORIMOTO  
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pp.1552-1561  PAPER-Analog Signal Processing
A 36-mW 1.5-GS/s 7-Bit Time-Interleaved SAR ADC Using Source Follower Based Track-and-Hold Circuit in 65-nm CMOS
Masanori FURUTA  Ippei AKITA  Junya MATSUNO  Tetsuro ITAKURA  
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pp.1562-1570  PAPER-Systems and Control
Motor Speed Ripple Elimination Using State Dependent Disturbance Observer in Various Time Delay Environments
Daesung JUNG  Youngjun YOO  Yujin JANG  Sangchul WON  
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pp.1571-1578  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Efficient Reverse Converter Design for New Adaptable Four-Moduli Set {2n + k, 2n + 1, 2n - 1, 22n + 1}
Ming-Hwa SHEU  Yuan-Ching KUO  Su-Hon LIN  Siang-Min SIAO  
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pp.1579-1585  PAPER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Multiple-Cell-Upset Tolerant 6T SRAM Using NMOS-Centered Cell Layout
Shusuke YOSHIMOTO  Shunsuke OKUMURA  Koji NII  Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI  Masahiko YOSHIMOTO  
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pp.1586-1592  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
The Linear Complexity of a Class of Binary Sequences with Three-Level Autocorrelation
Yuhua SUN  Tongjiang YAN  Hui LI  
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pp.1593-1601  PAPER-Information Theory
A Unified Construction for Yielding Quaternary Sequences with Optimal Periodic Autocorrelation
Fanxin ZENG  Xiaoping ZENG  Zhenyu ZHANG  Guixin XUAN  
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pp.1602-1608  PAPER-Coding Theory
Bidirectional Limited-Magnitude Error Correction Codes for Flash Memories
Myeongwoon JEON  Jungwoo LEE  
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pp.1609-1616  PAPER-Measurement Technology
A Computer-Controlled Dynamic Phantom for Respiratory-Gated Medical Radiotherapy Research
Manuel BANDALA  Malcolm J. JOYCE  
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pp.1617-1624  PAPER-General Fundamentals and Boundaries
Network Topology and Battery Size Exploration for Decentralized Energy Network with MIP Base Power Flow Optimization
Ittetsu TANIGUCHI  Kazutoshi SAKAKIBARA  Shinya KATO  Masahiro FUKUI  
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pp.1625-1636  PAPER-General Fundamentals and Boundaries
Experimental Investigation of Calibration and Resolution in Human-Automation System Interaction
Akihiro MAEHIGASHI  Kazuhisa MIWA  Hitoshi TERAI  Kazuaki KOJIMA  Junya MORITA  
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pp.1637-1641  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Efficient Utilization of Vector Registers to Improve FFT Performance on SIMD Microprocessors
Feng YU  Ruifeng GE  Zeke WANG  
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pp.1642-1644  LETTER-Circuit Theory
Circuit Design of Reconfigurable Logic Based on Double-Gate CNTFETs
Manabu KOBAYASHI  Hiroshi NINOMIYA  Shigeyoshi WATANABE  
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pp.1645-1648  LETTER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Ontology-Based Reuse of Failure Modes in Existing Databases for FMEA: Methodology and Tool
Guoqi LI  
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pp.1649-1652  LETTER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Coverage of Irrelevant Components in Systems with Imperfect Fault Coverage
Jianwen XIANG  Fumio MACHIDA  Kumiko TADANO  Yoshiharu MAENO  Kazuo YANOO  
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pp.1653-1656  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Construction and Counting of 1-Resilient Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions on pq Variables
Jiao DU  Qiaoyan WEN  Jie ZHANG  Shanqi PANG  
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pp.1657-1661  LETTER-Coding Theory
Variable-Length Code Based on Order Complexity and Its Application in Random Permuted Symbol
Soongi HONG  Honglin JIN  Yong-Goo KIM  Yoonsik CHOE  
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pp.1662-1666  LETTER-Coding Theory
List Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes Based on a Generalized Plotkin Construction
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pp.1667-1670  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
An Improved Transmission Rate in Cooperative Communication Based on OFDMA System
Eui-Hak LEE  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.1671-1674  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Pricing in Cognitive Radio Networks with Interference Cancellation
Zheng-qiang WANG  Ling-ge JIANG  Chen HE  
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pp.1675-1677  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
PAPR Reduction for Systems Using SRRC Filters Based on Modified ACE
Fang YANG  Keqian YAN  Changyong PAN  Jian SONG  
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pp.1678-1680  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
Low-Complexity Residual Symbol Timing Offset Estimation Scheme in LTE Downlink System
Won-Jae SHIN  Young-Hwan YOU  
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