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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E95-A No.6  (Publication Date:2012/06/01)
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pp.999-1006  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Efficient LUT-Based Truncated Multiplier and Its Application in RGB to YCbCr Color Space Conversion
Van-Phuc HOANG  Cong-Kha PHAM  
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pp.1007-1017  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Fast Convolution Using Generalized Sliding Fermat Number Transform with Application to Digital Filtering
Hamze Haidar ALAEDDINE  Oussama BAZZI  Ali Haidar ALAEDDINE  Yasser MOHANNA  Gilles BUREL  
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pp.1018-1029  PAPER-Circuit Theory
Long-Range Asynchronous On-Chip Link Based on Multiple-Valued Single-Track Signaling
Naoya ONIZAWA  Atsushi MATSUMOTO  Takahiro HANYU  
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pp.1030-1040  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Pruning-Based Trace Signal Selection Algorithm for Data Acquisition in Post-Silicon Validation
Kang ZHAO  Jinian BIAN  
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pp.1041-1048  PAPER-Numerical Analysis and Optimization
Inertial Estimator Learning Automata
Junqi ZHANG  Lina NI  Chen XIE  Shangce GAO  Zheng TANG  
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pp.1049-1055  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Finding Higher Order Differentials of MISTY1
Yukiyasu TSUNOO  Teruo SAITO  Takeshi KAWABATA  Hirokatsu NAKAGAWA  
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pp.1056-1064  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Constructing Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions with Maximum Algebraic Immunity on an Odd Number of Variables
Jie PENG  Haibin KAN  
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pp.1065-1073  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Selective Host-Interference Cancellation: A New Informed Embedding Strategy for Spread Spectrum Watermarking
Peng ZHANG  Shuzheng XU  Huazhong YANG  
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pp.1074-1083  PAPER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
An Adaptive Multi-Range-Sensing Method for 3D Localization of Passive RFID Tags
Tomotaka WADA  Toshihiro HORI  Manato FUJIMOTO  Kouichi MUTSUURA  Hiromi OKADA  
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pp.1084-1087  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Noise Constrained Data-Reusing Adaptive Algorithms for System Identification
Young-Seok CHOI  Woo-Jin SONG  
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pp.1088-1090  LETTER-Circuit Theory
A Low-Power and High-Linear Current to Time Converter for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ryota SAKAMOTO  Koichi TANNO  Hiroki TAMURA  
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pp.1091-1094  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Performance Improvement of Power Analysis Attacks on AES with Encryption-Related Signals
You-Seok LEE  Young-Jun LEE  Dong-Guk HAN  Ho-Won KIM  Hyoung-Nam KIM  
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pp.1095-1098  LETTER-Coding Theory
New Construction Method and Low-Complexity Correlator for Binary Periodic Complementary Sequence Sets and Its Application to MIMO Channel Estimation
Haiming WANG  
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pp.1099-1102  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Partial Transmit Sequence Scheme with Phase Factor Selection Algorithm in OFDM Systems
Soobum CHO  Sang Kyu PARK  
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pp.1103-1105  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Halftoning with Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
Kohei INOUE  Kiichi URAHAMA  
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