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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E95-A No.2  (Publication Date:2012/02/01)
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Special Section on Analog Circuit Techniques and Related Topics

pp.429-429  FOREWORD
Shiro DOSHO  
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pp.430-438  INVITED PAPER
Modeling and Analysis of Substrate Noise Coupling in Analog and RF ICs
Makoto NAGATA  
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pp.439-446  PAPER
An Efficient Dual Charge Pump Circuit Using Charge Sharing Clock Scheme
Mengshu HUANG  Yimeng ZHANG  Tsutomu YOSHIHARA  
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pp.447-455  PAPER
Implementation of Low-Noise Switched-Capacitor Integrators with Small Capacitors
Retdian NICODIMUS  Shigetaka TAKAGI  
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pp.456-470  PAPER
An Analysis on a Dynamic Amplifier and Calibration Methods for a Pseudo-Differential Dynamic Comparator
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pp.471-478  PAPER
A Low Distortion 3rd-Order Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator for a Worldwide Digital TV-Receiver
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pp.479-486  PAPER
Area-Effective Inductive Peaking with Interwoven Inductor for High-Speed Laser-Diode Driver for Optical Communication System
Takeshi KUBOKI  Yusuke OHTOMO  Akira TSUCHIYA  Keiji KISHINE  Hidetoshi ONODERA  
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pp.487-497  PAPER
A CMOS Class-G Supply Modulation for Polar Power Amplifiers with High Average Efficiency and Low Ripple Noise
Qing LIU  Jiangtao SUN  YongJu SUH  Nobuyuki ITOH  Toshihiko YOSHIMASU  
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pp.498-505  PAPER
A 24 dB Gain 51–68 GHz Common Source Low Noise Amplifier Using Asymmetric-Layout Transistors
Ning LI  Keigo BUNSEN  Naoki TAKAYAMA  Qinghong BU  Toshihide SUZUKI  Masaru SATO  Yoichi KAWANO  Tatsuya HIROSE  Kenichi OKADA  Akira MATSUZAWA  
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pp.506-514  PAPER
A Dual-Conduction Class-C VCO for a Low Supply Voltage
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Regular Section

pp.515-524  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
An RF Signal Processing Based Diversity Scheme for MIMO-OFDM Systems
I Gede Puja ASTAWA  Minoru OKADA  
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pp.525-533  PAPER-Systems and Control
Control of the Cart-Pendulum System Based on Discrete Mechanics – Part I: Theoretical Analysis and Stabilization Control –
Tatsuya KAI  
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pp.534-541  PAPER-Systems and Control
Control of the Cart-Pendulum System Based on Discrete Mechanics – Part II: Transformation to Continuous-Time Inputs and Experimental Verification –
Tatsuya KAI  Kensuke BITO  Takeshi SHINTANI  
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pp.542-549  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Adaptive Predistortion Using Cubic Spline Nonlinearity Based Hammerstein Modeling
Xiaofang WU  Jianghong SHI  
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pp.550-558  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Design of Area- and Power-Efficient Pipeline FFT Processors for 8x8 MIMO-OFDM Systems
Shingo YOSHIZAWA  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA  
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pp.559-566  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Performance-Driven Architectural Synthesis for Distributed Register-File Microarchitecture with Inter-Island Delay
Juinn-Dar HUANG  Chia-I CHEN  Wan-Ling HSU  Yen-Ting LIN  Jing-Yang JOU  
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pp.567-575  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Oblivious Transfer Based on the McEliece Assumptions
Rafael DOWSLEY  Jeroen van de GRAAF  Jorn MULLER-QUADE  Anderson C. A. NASCIMENTO  
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pp.576-585  PAPER-Vision
A Motion Detection Model Inspired by the Neuronal Propagation in the Hippocampus
Haichao LIANG  Takashi MORIE  
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pp.586-590  LETTER-Engineering Acoustics
Theoretical Analysis of Amounts of Musical Noise and Speech Distortion in Structure-Generalized Parametric Blind Spatial Subtraction Array
Ryoichi MIYAZAKI  Hiroshi SARUWATARI  Kiyohiro SHIKANO  
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pp.591-595  LETTER-Engineering Acoustics
Speech Prior Estimation for Generalized Minimum Mean-Square Error Short-Time Spectral Amplitude Estimator
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pp.596-599  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Bayesian Radar Detection with Orthogonal Rejection
Chengpeng HAO  Xiuqin SHANG  Francesco BANDIERA  Long CAI  
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pp.600-603  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
An Area Efficient Real-Time PFFT Architecture Using Parallel Distributed Arithmetic
Xiaofeng LING  Xinbao GONG  Xiaogang ZANG  Ronghong JIN  
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pp.604-607  LETTER-Systems and Control
Robust Performance Analysis of a Load Torque Observer for PMSM Using Singular Perturbation Theory
Young Ik SON  
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pp.608-612  LETTER-Systems and Control
Efficient Representation of the State Equation in Max-Plus Linear Systems with Interval Constrained Parameters
Hiroyuki GOTO  Hirotaka TAKAHASHI  
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pp.613-616  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Reconstitution of Potential Function by Power Spectra of Trajectories in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Masataka MINAMI  Takashi HIKIHARA  
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pp.617-620  LETTER-Image
Reconstruction Depth Adaptive Coding of Digital Holograms
Jae-Young SIM  Chang-Su KIM  
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