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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E94-A No.9  (Publication Date:2011/09/01)
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pp.1779-1785  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Numerical Simulation of Air Flow through Glottis during Very Weak Whisper Sound Production
Makoto OTANI  Tatsuya HIRAHARA  
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pp.1786-1792  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Asymptotically Optimum Quadratic Detection in the Case of Subpixel Targets
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pp.1793-1803  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Cross Low-Dimension Pursuit for Sparse Signal Recovery from Incomplete Measurements Based on Permuted Block Diagonal Matrix
Zaixing HE  Takahiro OGAWA  Miki HASEYAMA  
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pp.1804-1816  PAPER-Numerical Analysis and Optimization
New Encoding Method of Parameter for Dynamic Encoding Algorithm for Searches (DEAS)
Youngsu PARK  Jong-Wook KIM  Johwan KIM  Sang Woo KIM  
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pp.1817-1825  PAPER-Information Theory
Rounding Logistic Maps over Integers and the Properties of the Generated Sequences
Takeru MIYAZAKI  Shunsuke ARAKI  Yasuyuki NOGAMI  Satoshi UEHARA  
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pp.1826-1832  PAPER-Communication Theory and Signals
The Optimal Subcarrier and Bit Allocation for Multiuser OFDM System: A Dual-Decomposition Approach
Taehyung PARK  Sungbin IM  
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pp.1833-1841  PAPER-Concurrent Systems
The Marking Construction Problem of Petri Nets and Its Heuristic Algorithms
Satoshi TAOKA  Toshimasa WATANABE  
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pp.1842-1846  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
2-D Frequency Estimation of Multiple Damped Sinusoids Using Subspace and Projection Separation Approaches
Longting HUANG  Yuntao WU  Hing Cheung SO  Yanduo ZHANG  
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pp.1847-1850  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
An ESPRIT-Based Algorithm for 2D-DOA Estimation
Yung-Yi WANG  Shu-Chi HUANG  
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pp.1851-1855  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Total Least-Squares Algorithm for Time of Arrival Based Wireless Sensor Networks Location
Aihua WANG  Kai YANG  Jianping AN  Xiangyuan BU  
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pp.1856-1859  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
A Simple Class of Binary Neural Networks and Logical Synthesis
Yuta NAKAYAMA  Ryo ITO  Toshimichi SAITO  
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pp.1860-1863  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Master-Slave Coupled Piecewise Constant Spiking Oscillators
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pp.1864-1867  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Multi-Layer Perceptron with Glial Network for Solving Two-Spiral Problem
Chihiro IKUTA  Yoko UWATE  Yoshifumi NISHIO  
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pp.1868-1872  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
A Family of p-ary Binomial Bent Functions
Dabin ZHENG  Xiangyong ZENG  Lei HU  
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pp.1873-1876  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
High-Speed FPGA Implementation of the SHA-1 Hash Function
Je-Hoon LEE  Sang-Choon KIM  Young-Jun SONG  
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pp.1877-1880  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
A Note on “On the Construction of Boolean Functions with Optimal Algebraic Immunity”
Yuan LI  Haibin KAN  Kokichi FUTATSUGI  
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pp.1881-1885  LETTER-Information Theory
New Method to Extend the Number of Quaternary Low Correlation Zone Sequence Sets
Chengqian XU  Yubo LI  Kai LIU  Gang LI  
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pp.1886-1891  LETTER-Information Theory
The Constructions of Almost Binary Sequence Pairs and Binary Sequence Pairs with Three-Level Autocorrelation
Xiuping PENG  Chengqian XU  Gang LI  Kai LIU  Krishnasamy Thiru ARASU  
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pp.1892-1895  LETTER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
Reliable Decision-Aided Multiuser Detection for Cooperative CDMAs
Hoang-Yang LU  Yen-Yu CHEN  
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