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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E94-A No.5  (Publication Date:2011/05/01)
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pp.1173-1183  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Training Sequence Reduction for the Least Mean Square-Blind Joint Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation Co-channel Interference Cancellation Algorithm in OFDM Systems
Zhenyu ZHOU  Takuro SATO  
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pp.1184-1193  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Oversampling Expansion in Wavelet Subspaces
Kil Hyun KWON  Dae Gwan LEE  
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pp.1194-1200  PAPER-Systems and Control
A Particle Filter Approach to Robust State Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Stochastic Parameter Uncertainty
Sehoon KIM  Sangchul WON  
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pp.1201-1209  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
A Non-Iterative Method for Calculating the Effective Capacitance of CMOS Gates with Interconnect Load Effect
Minglu JIANG  Zhangcai HUANG  Atsushi KUROKAWA  Qiang LI  Bin LIN  Yasuaki INOUE  
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pp.1210-1213  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Memory-Efficient Hardware Architecture for a Pulse Doppler Radar Vehicle Detector
Sang-Dong KIM  Jong-Hun LEE  
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pp.1214-1217  LETTER-Information Theory
Linear Complexity of Quaternary Sequences Generated Using Generalized Cyclotomic Classes Modulo 2p
Xiaoni DU  Zhixiong CHEN  
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