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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E92-A No.9  (Publication Date:2009/09/01)
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Special Section on Multi-dimensional Mobile Information Networks

pp.2157-2158  FOREWORD
Hiroshi HARADA  Panagiotis DEMESTICHAS  
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pp.2159-2166  PAPER-Ultra Wideband System
Ultra-Wideband Indoor Double-Directional Channel Estimation Using Transformation between Frequency and Time Domain Signals
Naohiko IWAKIRI  Takehiko KOBAYASHI  
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pp.2167-2176  PAPER-Ultra Wideband System
Error Analysis of Hybrid DS-Multiband-UWB Multiple Access System in the Presence of Narrowband Interference
Chin-Sean SUM  Mohammad Azizur RAHMAN  Shigenobu SASAKI  Hiroshi HARADA  Shuzo KATO  
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pp.2177-2183  PAPER-Wireless LAN System
Using Large-Scale FDTD Method to Obtain Precise Numerical Estimation of Indoor Wireless Local Area Network Office Environment
Louis-Ray HARRIS  Takashi HIKAGE  Toshio NOJIMA  
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pp.2184-2190  PAPER-Wireless LAN System
Power Saving Scheme Suitable for Wireless LAN in Multimedia Communications
Takefumi HIRAGURI  Masakatsu OGAWA  Makoto UMEUCHI  Tetsu SAKATA  
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pp.2191-2199  PAPER-Broadband Wireless Access System
Performance Improvement of Proportional Fairness-Based Resource Allocation in OFDMA Downlink Systems
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pp.2200-2208  PAPER-Broadband Wireless Access System
Dynamic Call Admission Control Scheme Based on Predictive User Mobility Behavior for Cellular Networks
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pp.2209-2217  PAPER-Broadband Wireless Access System
Development of 100 MHz Bandwidth Testbed toward IMT-Advanced and Experimental Results Including Rotational OFDM and Twin Turbo Decoder Transmission Performances
Noriaki MIYAZAKI  Yasuyuki HATAKAWA  Toshinori SUZUKI  
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pp.2218-2226  PAPER-Multi-hop Wireless Network
Multipoint Relay Selections with QoS Support in Link State Routing Protocol for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Takeaki KOGA  Shigeaki TAGASHIRA  Teruaki KITASUKA  Tsuneo NAKANISHI  Akira FUKUDA  
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pp.2227-2235  PAPER-Multi-hop Wireless Network
Characterization of Minimum Route MTM in One-Dimensional Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Kazuyuki MIYAKITA  Keisuke NAKANO  Masakazu SENGOKU  Shoji SHINODA  
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pp.2236-2247  PAPER-Multi-hop Wireless Network
Analysis of Mean Waiting Time for Delivery of a Message in Mobile Multi-Hop Networks
Keisuke NAKANO  Kazuyuki MIYAKITA  Akira OTSUKA  Masakazu SENGOKU  Shoji SHINODA  
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pp.2248-2252  LETTER
Adaptive Transmit Window Control for Channel State Based CDMA Downlink Packet Communications
Kazuo MORI  Katsuhiro NAITO  Hideo KOBAYASHI  
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pp.2253-2256  LETTER
Power Saving Control for Battery-Powered Portable WLAN APs
Masakatsu OGAWA  Takefumi HIRAGURI  
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Regular Section

pp.2257-2265  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Weighted LDA Image Projection Technique for Face Recognition
Waiyawut SANAYHA  Yuttapong RANGSANSERI  
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pp.2266-2274  PAPER-Systems and Control
Adaptive Tracker Design with Identifier for Pendulum System by Conditional LMI Method and IROA
Jiing-Dong HWANG  Zhi-Ren TSAI  
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pp.2275-2282  PAPER-Nonlinear Problems
Particle Swarm Optimizers with Growing Tree Topology
Eiji MIYAGAWA  Toshimichi SAITO  
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pp.2283-2294  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Pipeline-Based Partition Exploration for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Synthesis
Kang ZHAO  Jinian BIAN  Sheqin DONG  Yang SONG  Satoshi GOTO  
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pp.2295-2303  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Analysis of Path Delay Fault Testability for Two-Rail Logic Circuits
Kazuteru NAMBA  Hideo ITO  
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pp.2304-2317  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Unified Dual-Radix Architecture for Scalable Montgomery Multiplications in GF(P) and GF(2n)
Kazuyuki TANIMURA  Ryuta NARA  Shunitsu KOHARA  Youhua SHI  Nozomu TOGAWA  Masao YANAGISAWA  Tatsuo OHTSUKI  
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pp.2318-2325  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Power Minimization for Dual- and Triple-Supply Digital Circuits via Integer Linear Programming
Ki-Yong AHN  Chong-Min KYUNG  
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pp.2326-2332  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Simple Backdoors on RSA Modulus by Using RSA Vulnerability
Hung-Min SUN  Mu-En WU  Cheng-Ta YANG  
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pp.2333-2344  PAPER-Information Theory
A Construction of Channel Code, Joint Source-Channel Code, and Universal Code for Arbitrary Stationary Memoryless Channels Using Sparse Matrices
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pp.2345-2359  PAPER-Coding Theory
Computation of Grobner Basis for Systematic Encoding of Generalized Quasi-Cyclic Codes
Vo TAM VAN  Hajime MATSUI  Seiichi MITA  
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pp.2360-2365  PAPER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
A Modified Priority Scheduling Algorithm with Link Adaptation for Wireless Multimedia Networks
Ju-Ya CHEN  Hsuan-Chang LEE  
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pp.2366-2368  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Mobile Location Using Improved Covariance Shaping Least-Squares Estimation in Cellular Systems
Ann-Chen CHANG  Yu-Hong LEE  
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pp.2369-2375  LETTER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
VLSI Floorplanning with Boundary Constraints Based on Single-Sequence Representation
Kang LI  Juebang YU  Jian LI  
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pp.2376-2379  LETTER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Empirical-Statistics Analysis for Zero-Failure GaAs MMICs Life Testing Data
Zheng-Liang HUANG  Fa-Xin YU  Shu-Ting ZHANG  Hao LUO  Ping-Hui WANG  Yao ZHENG  
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pp.2380-2384  LETTER-Information Theory
New Construction of Generalized Hadamard Matrices
Fanxin ZENG  
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pp.2385-2387  LETTER-Coding Theory
An Improved Design of Block-Coded Modulation for the Rayleigh Fading Channel
Shang-Chih MA  
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