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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E101-A No.7  (Publication Date:2018/07/01)
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Special Section on Design Methodologies for System on a Chip

pp.1000-1001  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Mineo KANEKO  
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pp.1002-1013  PAPER
Stochastic Number Duplicators Based on Bit Re-Arrangement Using Randomized Bit Streams
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pp.1014-1024  PAPER
Extension and Performance/Accuracy Formulation for Optimal GeAr-Based Approximate Adder Designs
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pp.1025-1034  PAPER
A Low Power Soft Error Hardened Latch with Schmitt-Trigger-Based C-Element
Saki TAJIMA  Nozomu TOGAWA  Masao YANAGISAWA  Youhua SHI  
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pp.1035-1044  PAPER
MRO-PUF: Physically Unclonable Function with Enhanced Resistance against Machine Learning Attacks Utilizing Instantaneous Output of Ring Oscillator
Masayuki HIROMOTO  Motoki YOSHINAGA  Takashi SATO  
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pp.1045-1052  LETTER
A Relaxed Bit-Write-Reducing and Error-Correcting Code for Non-Volatile Memories
Tatsuro KOJO  Masashi TAWADA  Masao YANAGISAWA  Nozomu TOGAWA  
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pp.1053-1056  LETTER
Applying an SMT Solver to Coverage-Driven Design Verification
Kiyoharu HAMAGUCHI  
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Regular Section

pp.1057-1064  PAPER-Engineering Acoustics
Stereophonic Music Separation Based on Non-Negative Tensor Factorization with Cepstral Distance Regularization
Shogo SEKI  Tomoki TODA  Kazuya TAKEDA  
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pp.1065-1073  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Two High Accuracy Frequency Estimation Algorithms Based on New Autocorrelation-Like Function for Noncircular/Sinusoid Signal
Kai WANG  Jiaying DING  Yili XIA  Xu LIU  Jinguang HAO  Wenjiang PEI  
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pp.1074-1082  PAPER-Graphs and Networks
The Aggregation Point Placement Problem for Power Distribution Systems
Hideharu KOJIMA  Tatsuhiro TSUCHIYA  Yasumasa FUJISAKI  
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pp.1083-1091  PAPER-Intelligent Transport System
Reliable Position Estimation by Parallelized Processing in Kinematic Positioning for Single Frequency GNSS Receiver
Hiromi IN  Hiroyuki HATANO  Masahiro FUJII  Atsushi ITO  Yu WATANABE  
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pp.1092-1100  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
Efficient Mini-Batch Training on Memristor Neural Network Integrating Gradient Calculation and Weight Update
Satoshi YAMAMORI  Masayuki HIROMOTO  Takashi SATO  
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pp.1101-1114  PAPER-Measurement Technology
Using Scattered X-Rays to Improve the Estimation Accuracy of Attenuation Coefficients: A Fundamental Analysis
Naohiro TODA  Tetsuya NAKAGAMI  Yoichi YAMAZAKI  Hiroki YOSHIOKA  Shuji KOYAMA  
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pp.1115-1119  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Low-Complexity Signal Detection Approach in Uplink Massive MIMO Systems
Zhuojun LIANG  Chunhui DING  Guanghui HE  
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pp.1120-1122  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Novel Parallel 8B/10B Encoder: Architecture and Comparison with Classical Solution
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pp.1123-1126  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Feature Based Modulation Classification for Overlapped Signals
Yizhou JIANG  Sai HUANG  Yixin ZHANG  Zhiyong FENG  Di ZHANG  Celimuge WU  
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pp.1127-1131  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
A Subspace Newton-Type Method for Approximating Transversely Repelling Chaotic Saddles
Hidetaka ITO  Hiroomi HIKAWA  Yutaka MAEDA  
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pp.1132-1135  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Novel Secure Communication Based on Chaos Synchronization
Bo WANG  Xiaohua ZHANG  Xiucheng DONG  
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pp.1136-1140  LETTER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Secrecy Throughput Analysis for Time-Switching SWIPT Networks with Full-Duplex Jamming
Xuanxuan TANG  Wendong YANG  Yueming CAI  Weiwei YANG  Yuyang ZHANG  Xiaoli SUN  Yufeng QIAN  
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pp.1141-1145  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Secrecy Energy Efficiency Optimization for MIMO SWIPT Systems
Yewang QIAN  Tingting ZHANG  Haiyang ZHANG  
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pp.1146-1150  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
User Clustering for Wireless Powered Communication Networks with Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
Tianyi XIE  Bin LYU  Zhen YANG  Feng TIAN  
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pp.1151-1155  LETTER-Biometrics
Identification of Exercising Individuals Based on Features Extracted from ECG Frequency Spectrums
Tatsuya NOBUNAGA  Toshiaki WATANABE  Hiroya TANAKA  
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