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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E100-A No.5  (Publication Date:2017/05/01)
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pp.1097-1108  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Statistical Analysis of Phase-Only Correlation Functions between Real Signals with Stochastic Phase-Spectrum Differences
Shunsuke YAMAKI  Masahide ABE  Masayuki KAWAMATA  
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pp.1109-1118  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Dual-DCT-Lifting-Based Lapped Transform with Improved Reversible Symmetric Extension
Taizo SUZUKI  Masaaki IKEHARA  
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pp.1119-1126  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Fast and High Quality Image Interpolation for Single-Frame Using Multi-Filtering and Weighted Mean
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pp.1127-1136  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Integration of Spatial Cue-Based Noise Reduction and Speech Model-Based Source Restoration for Real Time Speech Enhancement
Tomoko KAWASE  Kenta NIWA  Masakiyo FUJIMOTO  Kazunori KOBAYASHI  Shoko ARAKI  Tomohiro NAKATANI  
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pp.1137-1144  PAPER-Circuit Theory
An Analytical Model of Charge Pump DC-DC Voltage Multiplier Using Diodes
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pp.1145-1155  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
Accurate Nanopower Supply-Insensitive CMOS Unit Vth Extractor and αVth Extractor with Continuous Variety
Jing WANG  Li DING  Qiang LI  Hirofumi SHINOHARA  Yasuaki INOUE  
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pp.1156-1164  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Perceptual Encryption Based on Features of Interpolating Curve for Vector Map
Ngoc-Giao PHAM  Suk-Hwan LEE  Ki-Ryong KWON  
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pp.1165-1178  PAPER-Information Theory
Posterior Matching for Gaussian Broadcast Channels with Feedback
Lan V. TRUONG  Hirosuke YAMAMOTO  
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pp.1179-1187  PAPER-Communication Theory and Signals
2D Central DOA Estimation of Coherently Distributed Sources Using a Pair of Uniform Circular Arrays
Zheng DAI  Weimin SU  Hong GU  
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pp.1188-1196  PAPER-Communication Theory and Signals
A Novel Procedure for Implementing a Turbo Decoder on a GPU with Coalesced Memory Access
Heungseop AHN  Seungwon CHOI  
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pp.1197-1205  PAPER-Intelligent Transport System
Design Differences in Pedestrian Navigation Systems Depending on the Availability of Carriable Navigation Information
Tetsuya MANABE  Takaaki HASEGAWA  
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pp.1206-1214  PAPER-Intelligent Transport System
Bidirectional Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication and Ranging Systems with Spread Spectrum Techniques Using Laser Radar and Visible Light
Akira John SUZUKI  Kiyoshi MIZUI  
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pp.1215-1225  PAPER-Vision
Multi-View 3D Ball Tracking with Abrupt Motion Adaptive System Model, Anti-Occlusion Observation and Spatial Density Based Recovery in Sports Analysis
Xina CHENG  Norikazu IKOMA  Masaaki HONDA  Takeshi IKENAGA  
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pp.1226-1230  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Variance Analysis for Least p-Norm Estimator in Mixture of Generalized Gaussian Noise
Yuan CHEN  Long-Ting HUANG  Xiao Long YANG  Hing Cheung SO  
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pp.1231-1235  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A New and Accurate Method for the Frequency Estimation of Complex Exponential Signals
Kang WU  Yijun CHEN  Huiling HOU  Wenhao CHEN  Xuwen LIANG  
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pp.1236-1239  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Super-Resolution Channel Estimation Algorithm Using Convex Programming
Huan HAO  Huali WANG  Wanghan LV  Liang CHEN  
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pp.1240-1243  LETTER-Systems and Control
Improved Quasi Sliding Mode Control with Adaptive Compensation for Matrix Rectifier
Zhanhu HU  Wang HU  Zhiping WANG  
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pp.1244-1247  LETTER-Nonlinear Problems
Deterministic Particle Swarm Optimizer with the Convergence and Divergence Dynamics
Tomoyuki SASAKI  Hidehiro NAKANO  Arata MIYAUCHI  Akira TAGUCHI  
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pp.1248-1253  LETTER-Graphs and Networks
HVTS: Hadoop-Based Video Transcoding System for Media Services
Seokhyun SON  Myoungjin KIM  
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pp.1254-1256  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Transition Mappings between De Bruijn Sequences
Ming LI  Yupeng JIANG  Dongdai LIN  Qiuyan WANG  
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pp.1257-1261  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Fuzzy Biometric-Based Encryption for Encrypted Data in the Cloud
Qing WU  Leyou ZHANG  Jingxia ZHANG  
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pp.1262-1266  LETTER-Information Theory
Reliability Function and Strong Converse of Biometrical Identification Systems Based on List-Decoding
Vamoua YACHONGKA  Hideki YAGI  
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pp.1267-1270  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
TOA Based Recalibration Systems for Improving LOS/NLOS Identification
Yu Min HWANG  Yuchan SONG  Kwang Yul KIM  Yong Sin KIM  Jae Seang LEE  Yoan SHIN  Jin Young KIM  
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pp.1271-1273  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
Improved Symbol Timing Detection Scheme for OFDM-Based DVB-T2
Yong-An JUNG  Yung-Lyul LEE  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  Young-Hwan YOU  
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pp.1274-1278  LETTER-Image
Fast Intra Coding Algorithm for HEVC Based on Decision Tree
Jia QIN  Huihui BAI  Mengmeng ZHANG  Yao ZHAO  
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