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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E100-A No.3  (Publication Date:2017/03/01)
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pp.761-768  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Signal Reconstruction Algorithm of Finite Rate of Innovation with Matrix Pencil and Principal Component Analysis
Yujie SHI  Li ZENG  
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pp.769-775  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
An Improved Multivariate Wavelet Denoising Method Using Subspace Projection
Huan HAO  Huali WANG  Naveed ur REHMAN  Liang CHEN  Hui TIAN  
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pp.776-784  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
An Efficient Multi-Level Algorithm for 3D-IC TSV Assignment
Cong HAO  Takeshi YOSHIMURA  
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pp.785-802  PAPER-Algorithms and Data Structures
Polynomial Time Inductive Inference of Languages of Ordered Term Tree Patterns with Height-Constrained Variables from Positive Data
Takayoshi SHOUDAI  Kazuhide AIKOH  Yusuke SUZUKI  Satoshi MATSUMOTO  Tetsuhiro MIYAHARA  Tomoyuki UCHIDA  
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pp.803-810  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
How to Efficiently Exploit Different Types of Biases for Plaintext Recovery of RC4
Yuhei WATANABE  Takanori ISOBE  Toshihiro OHIGASHI  Masakatu MORII  
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pp.811-821  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Improved Differential Fault Analysis of SOSEMANUK with Algebraic Techniques
Hao CHEN  Tao WANG  Shize GUO  Xinjie ZHAO  Fan ZHANG  Jian LIU  
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pp.822-831  PAPER-Information Theory
Achievable Rate Region for the Two-User Gaussian X Channel with Limited Receiver Cooperation: General Case
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pp.832-838  PAPER-Coding Theory
Index ARQ Protocol for Reliable Contents Distribution over Broadcast Channels
Takahiro OSHIMA  Tadashi WADAYAMA  
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pp.839-845  PAPER-Coding Theory
Two Classes of New Zero Difference Balanced Functions from Difference Balanced Functions and Perfect Ternary Sequences
Wei SU  
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pp.846-853  PAPER-Image
Blind Image Deconvolution Using Specified 2-D HPF for Feature Extraction and Conjugate Gradient Method in Frequency Domain
Takanori FUJISAWA  Masaaki IKEHARA  
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pp.854-864  PAPER-Image
Human Wearable Attribute Recognition Using Probability-Map-Based Decomposition of Thermal Infrared Images
Brahmastro KRESNARAMAN  Yasutomo KAWANISHI  Daisuke DEGUCHI  Tomokazu TAKAHASHI  Yoshito MEKADA  Ichiro IDE  Hiroshi MURASE  
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pp.865-876  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
An Online Self-Constructive Normalized Gaussian Network with Localized Forgetting
Jana BACKHUS  Ichigaku TAKIGAWA  Hideyuki IMAI  Mineichi KUDO  Masanori SUGIMOTO  
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pp.877-887  PAPER-Neural Networks and Bioengineering
Theoretical Analyses on 2-Norm-Based Multiple Kernel Regressors
Akira TANAKA  Hideyuki IMAI  
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pp.888-892  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Radar Constant-Modulus Waveform Design for Multiple Extended Targets
Wenzhen YUE  Yan ZHANG  Jingwen XIE  
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pp.893-895  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
An Efficient Image to Sound Mapping Method Using Speech Spectral Phase and Multi-Column Image
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pp.896-901  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
2-D Angles of Arrival Estimation Utilizing Two-Step Weighted l1-Norm Penalty under Nested Coprime Array with Compressed Inter-Element Spacing
Ye TIAN  Qiusheng LIAN  Kai LIU  
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pp.902-907  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Two Classes of 1-Resilient Prime-Variable Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions
Lei SUN  Fang-Wei FU  Xuan GUANG  
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pp.908-912  LETTER-Information Theory
Constructions of Optimal Zero Correlation Zone Aperiodic Complementary Sequence Sets
Yubo LI  Jiaan SUN  Chengqian XU  Kai LIU  
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pp.913-915  LETTER-Information Theory
Permutation Polynomials over Zpn and Their Randomness
Yuyin YU  Lishan KE  Zhiqiang LIN  Qiuyan WANG  
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pp.916-919  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Enhanced Performance Using Precoding Scheme with Limited Feedback Information in the Heterogeneous Network
Yong-Jun KIM  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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