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Online ISSN : 1745-1337
Volume E100-A No.10  (Publication Date:2017/10/01)
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pp.2073-2085  PAPER-Analog Signal Processing
Behavior-Level Analysis of a Successive Stochastic Approximation Analog-to-Digital Conversion System for Multi-Channel Biomedical Data Acquisition
Sadahiro TANI  Toshimasa MATSUOKA  Yusaku HIRAI  Toshifumi KURATA  Keiji TATSUMI  Tomohiro ASANO  Masayuki UEDA  Takatsugu KAMATA  
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pp.2086-2094  PAPER-Systems and Control
Model Based Fallback Control for Networked Control System via Switched Lyapunov Function
Tsubasa SASAKI  Kenji SAWADA  Seiichi SHIN  Shu HOSOKAWA  
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pp.2095-2105  PAPER-Systems and Control
Identification of Time-Varying Parameters of Hybrid Dynamical System Models and Its Application to Driving Behavior
Thomas WILHELEM  Hiroyuki OKUDA  Tatsuya SUZUKI  
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pp.2106-2112  PAPER-Graphs and Networks
The Invulnerability of Traffic Networks under New Attack Strategies
Xin-Ling GUO  Zhe-Ming LU  Hui LI  
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pp.2113-2122  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Generalized Framework to Attack RSA with Special Exposed Bits of the Private Key
Shixiong WANG  Longjiang QU  Chao LI  Shaojing FU  
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pp.2123-2134  PAPER-Communication Theory and Signals
A 100-MHz 51.2-Gb/s Packet Lookup Engine with Automatic Table Update Function
Kousuke IMAMURA  Ryota HONDA  Yoshifumi KAWAMURA  Naoki MIURA  Masami URANO  Satoshi SHIGEMATSU  Tetsuya MATSUMURA  Yoshio MATSUDA  
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pp.2135-2145  PAPER-Spread Spectrum Technologies and Applications
A Study on Multi-User Interference Cancellers for Synchronous Optical CDMA Systems — Decision Distance and Bit Error Rate —
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pp.2146-2153  PAPER-Image
Random-Valued Impulse Noise Removal Using Non-Local Search for Similar Structures and Sparse Representation
Kengo TSUDA  Takanori FUJISAWA  Masaaki IKEHARA  
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pp.2154-2157  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Computational Complexity Reduction with Mel-Frequency Filterbank-Based Approach for Multichannel Speech Enhancement
Jungpyo HONG  Sangbae JEONG  
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pp.2158-2161  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Positioning Error Reduction Techniques for Precision Navigation by Post-Processing
Yu Min HWANG  Sun Yui LEE  Isaac SIM  Jin Young KIM  
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pp.2162-2166  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Fast Parameter Estimation for Polyphase P Codes Modulated Radar Signals
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pp.2167-2171  LETTER-Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis
Performance Analysis of RSS-AoA-Based Key Generation Scheme for Mobile Wireless Nodes
Yida WANG  Xinrong GUAN  Weiwei YANG  Yueming CAI  
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pp.2172-2175  LETTER-Coding Theory
On Locality of Some Ternary Linear Codes of Dimension 6
Ruipan YANG  Ruihu LI  Luobin GUO  Qiang FU  
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pp.2176-2179  LETTER-Coding Theory
Multipermutation Codes Correcting a Predetermined Number of Adjacent Deletions
Peng ZHAO  Jianjun MU  Xiaopeng JIAO  
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pp.2180-2182  LETTER-Coding Theory
New Optimal Constant Weight Codes from Difference Balanced Functions
Wei SU  
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pp.2183-2186  LETTER-Coding Theory
Two Classes of Optimal Constant Composition Codes from Zero Difference Balanced Functions
Bing LIU  Xia LI  Feng CHENG  
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pp.2187-2194  LETTER-Coding Theory
A Novel Construction of Tree-Structured Zero-Correlation Zone Sequence Sets
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pp.2195-2199  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
A Simplified QRD-M Algorithm in MIMO-OFDM Systems
Jong-Kwang KIM  Jae-Hyun RO  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.2200-2203  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Relay Selection Scheme for Improved Performance in the Wireless Communication Systems Based on OFDM
Sang-Young KIM  Won-Chang KIM  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.2204-2206  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Optimizing the System Performance of Relay Enhanced Cellular Networks through Time Partitioning
Liqun ZHAO  Hongpeng WANG  
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pp.2207-2211  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Adaptive K-Best BFTS Signal Detection Algorithm Based on the Channel Condition for MIMO-OFDM Signal Detector
Jong-Kwang KIM  Seung-Jin CHOI  Jae-Hyun RO  Hyoung-Kyu SONG  
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pp.2212-2215  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
An Adaptive Backoff Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Batbayar KHANDISH  Hyun PARK  Jung-Bong SUK  
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pp.2216-2218  LETTER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
An Implementation of LTE Simulator Based on NS-3 for Evaluating D2D Performance
Elhadji Makhtar DIOUF  Woongsup LEE  
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