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Volume E99-A No.5  (Publication Date:2016/05/01)
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pp.884-891  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
A New Class of Hilbert Pairs of Almost Symmetric Orthogonal Wavelet Bases
Daiwei WANG   Xi ZHANG   
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pp.892-899  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Adaptive Directional Lifting Structure of Three Dimensional Non-Separable Discrete Wavelet Transform for High Resolution Volumetric Data Compression
Fairoza Amira BINTI HAMZAH   Taichi YOSHIDA   Masahiro IWAHASHI   Hitoshi KIYA   
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pp.900-907  PAPER-Systems and Control
Hierarchical-IMM Based Maneuvering Target Tracking in LOS/NLOS Hybrid Environments
Yan ZHOU   Lan HU   Dongli WANG   
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pp.908-916  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
An Automatic Integrator Macromodel Generation Method for Behavioral Simulation of SC Sigma-Delta Modulators
Ailin ZHANG   Guoyong SHI   
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pp.917-928  PAPER-VLSI Design Technology and CAD
A Field Programmable Sequencer and Memory with Middle Grained Programmability Optimized for MCU Peripherals
Yoshifumi KAWAMURA   Naoya OKADA   Yoshio MATSUDA   Tetsuya MATSUMURA   Hiroshi MAKINO   Kazutami ARIMOTO   
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pp.929-942  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Information-Theoretic Performance Evaluation of Multibiometric Fusion under Modality Selection Attacks
Takao MURAKAMI   Yosuke KAGA   Kenta TAKAHASHI   
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pp.943-953  PAPER-Image
Using Super-Pixels and Human Probability Map for Automatic Human Subject Segmentation
Esmaeil POURJAM   Daisuke DEGUCHI   Ichiro IDE   Hiroshi MURASE   
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pp.954-962  PAPER-Mathematical Systems Science
Multi-Resolution State Roadmap Method for Trajectory Planning
Yuichi TAZAKI   Jingyu XIANG   Tatsuya SUZUKI   Blaine LEVEDAHL   
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pp.963-972  PAPER-Measurement Technology
Self Optimization Beam-Forming Null Control Based SINR Improvement
Modick BASNET   Jeich MAR   
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pp.973-977  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Fully-Complex Infomax for Blind Separation of Delayed Sources
Zongli RUAN   Ping WEI   Guobing QIAN   Hongshu LIAO   
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pp.978-982  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
An Improved MIMO Scheme for Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission System
Young-Su RYU   Jong-Ho PAIK   Ki-Won KWON   Hyoung-Kyu SONG   
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pp.983-986  LETTER-Coding Theory
Construction of Optimal or Near Optimal Frequency-Hopping Sequence Set with Low Hit Zone
Limengnan ZHOU   Daiyuan PENG   Changyuan WANG   Hongyu HAN   
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pp.987-993  LETTER-Coding Theory
Designs of Inter-Group Complementary Sequence Set from Interleaving Z-Periodic Complementary Sequences
Longye WANG   Xiaoli ZENG   Hong WEN   
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pp.994-997  LETTER-Coding Theory
A Family of Codebooks with Nearly Optimal Set Size
Cuiling FAN   Rong LUO   Xiaoni DU   
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pp.998-1004  LETTER-Coding Theory
Some Results on Triple Cyclic Codes over Z4
Tingting WU    Jian GAO   Fang-Wei FU   
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pp.1005-1010  LETTER-Mathematical Systems Science
An Enhanced Distributed Adaptive Direct Position Determination
Wei XIA   Wei LIU   Xinglong XIA   Jinfeng HU   Huiyong LI   Zishu HE   Sen ZHONG   
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