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Volume E101-A No.5  (Publication Date:2018/05/01)
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pp.740-747  PAPER-Digital Signal Processing
Dual-Polarized Phased Array Based Polarization State Modulation for Physical-Layer Secure Communication
Zhangkai LUO  Huali WANG  
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pp.748-754  PAPER-Analog Signal Processing
Low Voltage CMOS Current Mode Reference Circuit without Operational Amplifiers
Kenya KONDO  Koichi TANNO  Hiroki TAMURA  Shigetoshi NAKATAKE  
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pp.755-762  PAPER-Systems and Control
Operator-Based Reset Control for Nonlinear System with Unknown Disturbance
Mengyang LI  Mingcong DENG  
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pp.763-771  PAPER-Numerical Analysis and Optimization
Proposed Hyperbolic NILT Method — Acceleration Techniques and Two-Dimensional Expansion for Electrical Engineering Applications
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pp.772-777  PAPER-Algorithms and Data Structures
The Touring Polygons Problem Revisited
Xuehou TAN  Bo JIANG  
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pp.778-786  PAPER-Graphs and Networks
Naive Bayes Classifier Based Partitioner for MapReduce
Lei CHEN  Wei LU  Ergude BAO  Liqiang WANG  Weiwei XING  Yuanyuan CAI  
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pp.787-798  PAPER-Cryptography and Information Security
Reviving Identification Scheme Based on Isomorphism of Polynomials with Two Secrets: a Refined Theoretical and Practical Analysis
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pp.799-810  PAPER-Information Theory
A Ranking-Based Text Matching Approach for Plagiarism Detection
Leilei KONG  Zhongyuan HAN  Haoliang QI  Zhimao LU  
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pp.811-821  PAPER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
Sparse High-Noise GPS Trajectory Data Compression and Recovery Based on Compressed Sensing
Guan YUAN  Mingjun ZHU  Shaojie QIAO  Zhixiao WANG  Lei ZHANG  
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pp.822-830  PAPER-Mobile Information Network and Personal Communications
Digital Self-Interference Cancellation for LTE-Compatible In-Band Full-Duplex Systems
Changyong SHIN  Jiho HAN  
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pp.831-843  PAPER-Intelligent Transport System
A Stayed Location Estimation Method for Sparse GPS Positioning Information Based on Positioning Accuracy and Short-Time Cluster Removal
Sae IWATA  Tomoyuki NITTA  Toshinori TAKAYAMA  Masao YANAGISAWA  Nozomu TOGAWA  
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pp.844-847  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Robust Variable Step-Size Affine Projection SAF Algorithm against Impulsive Noises
Jae-hyeon JEON  Sang Won NAM  
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pp.848-849  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Advanced DBS (Direct-Binary Search) Method for Compensating Spatial Chromatic Errors on RGB Digital Holograms in a Wide-Depth Range with Binary Holograms
Thibault LEPORTIER  Min-Chul PARK  
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pp.850-854  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
A Near-Optimal Receiver for MSK Modulation Under Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise
Kaijie ZHOU  Huali WANG  Huan HAO  Zhangkai LUO  
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pp.855-858  LETTER-Digital Signal Processing
Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequence Pairs from Cyclic Difference Set Pairs
Hongbin LIN  Xiuping PENG  Chao FENG  Qisheng TONG  Kai LIU  
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pp.859-862  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Related-Key Differential Attack on Round-Reduced Bel-T-256
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pp.863-866  LETTER-Cryptography and Information Security
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Fantomas and Robin
Xuan SHEN  Guoqiang LIU  Chao LI  Longjiang QU  
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pp.867-871  LETTER-Information Theory
Linear Complexity of Quaternary Sequences over Z4 Based on Ding-Helleseth Generalized Cyclotomic Classes
Xina ZHANG  Xiaoni DU  Chenhuang WU  
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pp.872-877  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
A Novel Transmission Scheme for Polarization Dependent Loss Elimination in Dual-Polarized Satellite Systems
Zhangkai LUO  Huali WANG  Kaijie ZHOU  
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pp.878-882  LETTER-Communication Theory and Signals
Proactive Eavesdropping through a Third-Party Jammer
Ding XU  Qun LI  
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