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Vol.E100-D No.12 pp.2931-2944
 SURVEY PAPER  Data Engineering, Web Information Systems  Open Access Paper
A Survey on Recommendation Methods Beyond Accuracy
Jungkyu HANHayato YAMANA
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Vol.E100-D No.11 pp.2674-2682
 SURVEY PAPER  Fundamentals of Information Systems  Open Access Paper
Software Analysis Techniques for Detecting Data Race
Pilsung KANG
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Vol.E100-D No.12 pp.2748-2748
 FOREWORD    Open Access Paper
Satoshi FUJITA
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Vol.E100-D No.1 pp.2-12
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
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Vol.E94-D No.10 pp.1854-1862
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
A Short Introduction to Learning to Rank
Hang LI
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Vol.E100-D No.8 pp.1649-1662
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
An Overview of Security and Privacy Issues for Internet of Things
Heung Youl YOUM
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Vol.E100-D No.10 pp.2391-2398
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
Toward More Secure and Convenient User Authentication in Smart Device Era
Yasushi YAMAZAKITetsushi OHKI
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Vol.E100-D No.10 pp.2267-2274
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
Fraud Analysis and Detection for Real-Time Messaging Communications on Social Networks
Liang-Chun CHENChien-Lung HSUNai-Wei LOKuo-Hui YEHPing-Hsien LIN
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Vol.E100-D No.8 pp.1556-1562
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
Power of Enumeration — Recent Topics on BDD/ZDD-Based Techniques for Discrete Structure Manipulation
Shin-ichi MINATO
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Vol.E100-D No.12 pp.2876-2877
 FOREWORD    Open Access Paper
Takayuki ITO
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Vol.E100-D No.10 pp.2383-2390
 INVITED PAPER    Open Access Paper
Trend and Factor Analysis of Office Related Research in LOIS Technical Committee
Toshihiko WAKAHARAToshitaka MAKINoriyasu YAMAMOTOAkihisa KODATEManabu OKAMOTOHiroyuki NISHI
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(2.4MB)

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