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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.553-569
 PAPER  Cryptography and Information Security
Implementing 128-Bit Secure MPKC Signatures
Ming-Shing CHENWen-Ding LIBo-Yuan PENGBo-Yin YANGChen-Mou CHENG
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.1MB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.570-576
 PAPER  Coding Theory
Analysis of a Sufficient Condition on the Optimality of a Decoded Codeword of Soft-Decision Decodings for Binary Linear Codes on a 4-Level Quantization over an AWGN Channel
Summary | Full Text:PDF(712.7KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.590-594
 LETTER  Digital Signal Processing
Improving DOA Estimation and Preventing Target Split Using Automotive Radar Sensor Arrays
Heemang SONGSeunghoon CHOKyung-Jin YOUHyun-Chool SHIN
Summary | Full Text:PDF(972.1KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.585-589
 LETTER  Noise and Vibration
Deep Neural Network Based Monaural Speech Enhancement with Low-Rank Analysis and Speech Present Probability
Wenhua SHIXiongwei ZHANGXia ZOUMeng SUNWei HANLi LIGang MIN
Summary | Full Text:PDF(632.7KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.577-584
 PAPER  Communication Theory and Signals
Symbol Error Probability Performance of Rectangular QAM with MRC Reception over Generalized α-µ Fading Channels
Furqan Haider QURESHIQasim Umar KHANShahzad Amin SHEIKHMuhammad ZEESHAN
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.9MB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.604-607
 LETTER  Cryptography and Information Security
Construction of Permutations and Bent Functions
Summary | Full Text:PDF(266KB)

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Vol.E99-A No.12 pp.2463-2472
Analytical Stability Modeling for CMOS Latches in Low Voltage Operation
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.9MB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.627-631
 LETTER  Coding Theory
Adaptive Extrinsic Information Scaling for Concatenated Zigzag Codes Based on Max-Log-APP
Hao ZHENGXingan XUChangwei LVYuanfang SHANGGuodong WANGChunlin JI
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.617-622
 LETTER  Coding Theory
On the Second Separating Redundancy of LDPC Codes from Finite Planes
Haiyang LIUYan LILianrong MA
Summary | Full Text:PDF(306.5KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.600-603
 LETTER  Analog Signal Processing
Clutter Rank Estimation for Diving Platform Radar
Fengde JIAZishu HE
Summary | Full Text:PDF(347.3KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.3 pp.595-599
 LETTER  Digital Signal Processing
The Estimation of Satellite Attitude Using the Radar Cross Section Sequence and Particle Swarm Optimization
Jidong QINJiandong ZHUHuafeng PENGTao SUNDexiu HU
Summary | Full Text:PDF(524.4KB)

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Vol.E101-A No.1 pp.3-11
Recent Developments in Post-Quantum Cryptography
Tsuyoshi TAKAGI
Summary | Full Text:PDF(645.1KB)

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